The FR90 Thread !

So, I rediscovered RaceRoom this week due to the All Free Access weekend past few days !

I really liked the sounds of the V10 and V12 of the new (for me) inspired F1 cars from the 90's, the FR90, where the car got his name from that same idea.

"The FR 90 takes you back to an era of open wheel racing that undeniably featured some of the most beautiful designs in motorsports history and the times of raw engine power producing an incredible sound environment, that to this day makes the hair stand up on every true motorsport fan. The FR 90 includes three different types: V8, V10 and V12. Each with its own handling characteristics and of course unique engine note."

Source & link ;

RaceRoom jumped into a gap as not many other sim's deliver Formula cars from this era. Although RaceRoom doesn't have the license to name their Formula cars to the real race cars, it's clearly inspired by the diverse range of motoring setups we were used to in those days.. V12's, V10's and later the V8's, we've seen them all in that important era for the F1.

But they can't be called Formula 1 cars, so it's the FR90 from now on ! The FR90 can be purchased from 399 vRP (in game credits) or € 3.98 for a single car and so a single livery.
An additional livery costs you 29vRP or € 0.29.

More interested in the whole pack? All 3 cars, V8, V10 and V12 + all the liveries are available
for you for 899 vRP or € 8.97 in total. Then you're the owner of all 3 cars and you can jump into them forever.

RaceDepartment made a review about these cars before the DLC was available for all

A nice comparison video between the 3 cars.

This thread is to share setups, links, video's , your own reviews or maybe offline or online races with these cars.

See you one track !
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Tonight I've raced some laps with the V10 version of the FR90. I love the complexity of it, it isn't easy to keep it on track for multiple laps.

But then, I think I've some strange issues with my G29 wheel. The amount of FFB is vanishing while racing and streaming with OBS. And I don't get the strong steering resistance back in the car at the moment I started with the car before I started the stream.

Is this something familiar for someone? I can't find anything about it, but the feel and drive at the end of the stream was totally different. The FFB felt dead, while other cars like the NSU TT or the NMW M1 Procar felt normal to me.
Never had issues with my G29, I still love the way it works. But now I'm concerned it's probably related in the software of the wheel, connected to RR.

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