The Gods Return

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The wait is nearing its end for us Gods to reunite *PSN of other Drag Gods are restricted of public showing* As our motives remain individual, our goal to be the fastest stands mutual.

GT Sport is the future for us racers to show the world we are the rightful owners of the Drag Association.
We have made our mark since the beginning of time and will continue to maximize the output of all cars available in-game

GT Sport has taken a more professional outlook with their new game. I will be buying a Racing Simulator Cockpit from Thrustmaster and will be uploading content on my YouTube Channel and through in-game Online Access

I will also be making Decal Livery Prototypes for the Public beginning next month along with live videos on how to tune


YOUTUBE: iEliminate
<----- Here's an old Video of HiBoost's finest looking at Tail Lights
Instagram : Projectcarz