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    What do we know about it? If anything...

    I had commented on another thread about it but my post has got lost among the many other various talking points going on, so I thought I'd start a designated thread for the app alone.

    I want to recreate roads in and around, and close to the town where I live - I've driven on them for over 10 years and I've always wondered, 'what would it be like to absolutely cane it along these roads and not have to worry about oncoming traffic....?'

    I'm assuming the app will register each single point on the 'circuit' as I drive it sensibly and below the speed limit in my RL car.....but once it's on the course maker.....

    - will I be able to adjust the elevation changes manually or will the app also register that? (some of the corners are only made as fun as they are because they have a slight lift just before it which makes the steering go light, or there's a lovely camber on the road, or there's a corner right on the dip between two crests where the car will do whatever you want it to do...)

    - will the surroundings be defaulted or will I be able to adjust them, like putting a side road in somewhere, or a gate, or a signpost, or a building etc..... Or will the app also register that??? Will it be using the likes of Google Maps? It would be awesome to know exactly where you are at any moment just by looking either side of the track and seeing something you recognise.

    Am I expecting too much? If I am, is there any PC software that does what I'm asking? I have a fairly decent PC which I built last year and my G27 works on it as well as the PS3.
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    We don't know anything about it. I don't think it was officially announced other than some video game stores having it on placeholder pre-order boxes.
    I would play it safe and treat it like it doesn't exist until proven otherwise.
  3. Later versions of the store placeholders had the GPS quote removed / blacked out :(.
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    Not cool. My apologies - I had Googled it a bit (there isn't much information available) and thought it was as part of the game as the actual disc itself is.

    I have really lost interest in GT5 of late, and this app had got me super-excited. I was in a racing league on here with a few other guys - and like any championship there were always a few of the guys on your level and we had awesome battles each week, and bought me a G27, then entered a few photo competitions on here as well which got a bit monotonous after not too long, and then tried to get into the real-life replica threads too - so I was always trying to keep GT5 fresh as trying to level up from L38 was really boring really quick.

    This app would have been the definite clincher for me in buying the game - something very radical and never touched before in a video game. I know there are a few improvements like physics in GT6, and a few more tracks, newer cars and Standards converted to Premiums, but - and I'm not much of a complainer on here... - I don't want the GT series to turn into the CoD or FIFA series, where there's only slightly minor adjustments made to each new edition. Something breakthrough like the app would have me booking days off work to play it - which I've never done.

    I've maintained I won't buy a PS4 on launch day because the PS3 has so much life left in it yet, with GTA5, and Watch Dogs, AC Black Flag coming out on it. And GT6 was normally in that list, too - but perhaps not now if the app doesn't appear.

    Might just get GTA5 to keep me going until 2014 and then get the PS4. Although, I'm getting married in May, so a PS4 before June or July may not even be a reality for me.....