The hybrid cars thread (READ OP)

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If you wish a certain car variant was in the game, or wish GT Auto returned with detailed car parts, this is the thread for you.

This thread is NOT about modded save files to achieve the hybrids we saw in GT5/6 (or earlier games). The term hybrid in this thread means that you merge two cars in Photoshop or any other editing software of your choice.

Take two photos in-game, and merge them together post-game.
I snuck in a Sileighty in the GT Sport Photos thread, demonstrating what I mean.

If you have editing skills, it should be a breeze. If not, you're in for some fun!

Show me those hybrids!

I'll start with a budget track prepped Miata. :D

This thread was made because I miss the Miata ND we saw in the Copper Box build. I have mentioned this car a lot. It's because I still haven't given up hope that cars like this will make it to the Mileage Exchange.