The most amazing drift experience Yet!

Discussion in 'GTS Drifting' started by sytfu, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. sytfu


    The sickest run on blue moon infield EVER!!! Full powered BRZ on sport hard tires.

    As a drifter, I’m always looking for the best experience I can get to substitute for track time in the off season. This VR experience has been pretty cool and then they added Dai’s car and now, omg... I can do things on this game that I do in real life and really manage the cars properly.

    But, I really wish they would add GT arena back or any other infield or “Auto cross” style courses. I NEED more drift cars, NEED... the super premium treatment to the old D1 cars would probably kill me, but I’d love it.

    And man, if they don’t atleast give us drift mode in VR OR time attack where we can just practice on countless laps...

    Anyway. Enjoy this sick wall ride and linkage of the entire blue moon infield.

  2. JacksHerer


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