The mystery of the Zagato IsoRivolta VGT!

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    There's a mystery regarding the IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo. It seems that there's another version of car, compared to the one that we have in-game. As you can see in the banner image here, there's a notable rear wing that's absent on the in-game version of the car. This version with the rear wing also appears in what's ostensibly in-game footage that's within the Zagato channel video. It also appears in all photos within the gallery below the embedded video.

    Furthermore, according to this link, the car is said to have a 6.2L V8 from Callaway, with a maximum power of 997 HP. However, the scale model that we see photographed in that link looks a lot more like the in-game version, as it lacks the rear wing. It is still puzzling, however, that in contrast to the aforementioned stats mentioned previously, the in-game model has a 4.5L Chevrolet V8 (specifically, 4494 cc) and a comparatively lower 559 HP, according to the GT Wikia's page for the car.

    It's also alluded, in both the video on the Zagato channel and in the car's flavor text, that this car is meant to race with both Ferraris and Lamborghinis. It seems very unlikely that the mentions of "prancing horses and raging bulls" could refer to anything else. But since the car is in Gr.X, this is more or less impossible given the limits we have for setting up custom races - I could see it being good for racing against the N-Series Huracan and 458, with some potential BoP changes between the three. Could it be that the winged version, with just under 1000 HP, was intended to be in one of the racing groups, where it could compete with Ferraris and Lamborghinis? Granted, it'd need quite the drop in power via BoP to be in Gr.3, and I can't think of it being in Gr.1, even with that sort of power, and it'd be the heaviest Gr.1 car to date by a notable margin if it were added.

    I, personally, live very close to Callaway's HQ, so I'm gonna try asking them if they know anything about this. Perhaps we could ask Zagato, as well, if they're anywhere nearly as receptive to questions as Callaway. But it still seems like quite the mystery! Maybe we'll see it in the next GT title, or even out of the blue in a future GT Sport update - but I really don't know.
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    Here’s an image of the winged model in a scape within GT Sport. Obviously it’s been modelled and is available to use in the game, so why was this version not released to the playerbase? The Audi and SRT Vision cars both have pretty identical looking models with huge differences in performance, so I wonder why the 1000HP version was excluded. Would certainly have been fun to use in the game if it was.
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    Probalby because people and hence, PD do not care.

    People dont gravitate towards Zagato and their niche Gr.X car. Look at how much people care about any other VGT once that initial buzz is over.

    Also no interior.
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    I did notice the power discrepancy when the car was first announced, but put it down to typo or something lost in translation between Italian to Japanese to English. Alternatively, they might have planned to have a hybrid system supplementing the main engine (if you notice all the hybrid LMPs power rating are only ~500 BHP when in reality combined output with their hybrid systems can reach 1000 BHP).

    The wing, I didn't notice was missing in game. Maybe it's because I always drive bumper view :p Would love a race version of the car like the Merc VGT though.
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    Also on this note, I'm curious what happened to the Group B version of the Volkswagen GTI Supersport. You can still see an image in the Scapes section I think.
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    There was to have been a Grp B version, any idea which scapes shot it is so I can have a look?
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    I think it got scrapped
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    The only mystery is how somebody designed such an ugly car. It even has revolta in the name. It's like they knew...