The new All Comers Racing club adventure continues...

Discussion in 'GT6 Single Races & Time Trials' started by HamOnRye, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. HamOnRye


    I started a club for all levels (particularly recent arrivals to the GT6 family like myself) when, after getting the Super License and thinking I was ready to try going online I had the frustration of wading through defunct clubs and the many, many clubs that had never even had a single post or event :banghead: :rolleyes::guilty:
    I thought I'd keep it simple, especially initially, so I started withA 550pp Euro non race car on a good user created course However, typically, although the course wasn't unfair or silly the sweeping bends and elevations-however slight-made it a far tougher cookie than I thought.:eek: I tried cars that were easy, stable drives but still ended up all over the place and facing wrong way! :confused::irked:I'm sure the experts would cope better but maybe it would take a few laps.
    Hardly an easy, welcoming debut event so I've added a A 400pp all French affair at Madrid which I hope is less frustrating.:tup::D:gtpflag:

    However 'all comers' should mean players and cars so maybe an event of 500pp with any type of car(maybe from Japan?) should be the last of the trio. Is this feasible? Or are there cars that are too OP to make this feasible? Is there any country/category where a very relaxed entry requirement is possible?
    I know it's asking a lot and I've no doubt I've already blundered :idea: but I've found the info on gtplanet invaluable and the community pretty cool :gtpflag:.
    Any suggestions, advice whatever would be very much appreciated as I'm miles outside my comfort zone...:boggled::dunce::nervous::lol: :D