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    As many of you know, GT5 and GT6 have threads, or even full subforums, on which people report epic battles, inglorious results, endurances and all sorts of racing feats.

    And being pCARS so much focused on racing simulation, I thought It would be a cool idea to have such space for racing achievements on this slightly broken, yet marvellous, game.

    And to start it, I'll tell you about the most amazing racing I had in a videogame... well, ever. Maybe some Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 were closely to this. But that's it.

    Without further ado, let's get into it:

    I had an epic battle on Formula C longer race at Zolder.

    At 100% lenght, the race is 25 laps, and I started in 8th position.

    I had quite a nice start and, before the short straight that leads to the first chicane, I was in fifth position.

    Couple more laps in, and I climbed up to second place. At 9th lap, I took the lead by outbreaking the leader on the last chicane. Couple more laps in, and my worst nightmare literally fell from the Belgium skies: it started to rain.

    By that point, I was 7 seconds ahead of the second place car, which leads the championship by a huge margin.

    Still with slicks, I kept my **** together, concentrated hard to keep the gap and, to my surprise, I was managing to keep him those 7 secs away.

    Then it REALLY started to rain. I mean, on that conditions, most F1 and WEC races wouldn't start. And if they did, it would be with safety car in, only to the race director red flag the thing couple minutes later.

    Because I'm not confident about my racing skills on wet tracks (and it was my first race on this kind of conditions in pCARS) I decided to wait and see what approach the AI would take on this.

    They kept running on slicks and our times didn't suffer much. At 12th lap, I noticed some AI going for wet tyres, but since the second place guy didn't, I stayed one more lap.

    Which was some of that decisions that can really ruin an awesome race. It was borderline undriveable with dead cold slicks, but I could stay on track and got to the pits. Edited my strategy with wet tyres, wondering if the monsoon ones wouldn't be better due to the intensity of the the downpour, with thunders going on and all that.

    I stopped on the 13th lap. The second place guy didn't.

    He rushed by me whilst I was doing the tyre change. I got out of the box assuming the AI was still broken, he would race those slicks at an unmachable pace and that was that.

    But he couldn't. Before the Villeneuve chicane, I was all over him and before the banked corner, I was in the lead again.

    To keep this short, he stopped on the 14th lap and since other AI drivers had already changed tires, he ended up dropping some serious places on the standings board.

    Up at front, I had a couple of momments hitting the gas too hard, or too early, but managed to keep a whopping 18 seconds gap to the rest of the pack. And got an epic win, with rain, which is something very unusual to me. I saved the replay: 40 minutes of an amazing race (for some reason, on the replay, the rain starts much earlier than it did on the actual race).

    Sorry about the long post, but I had to. This game is trully something else when it works correctly. As a diehard motorsport fan, I always wanted this kind of challenge and feeling from racing games. I'm glad that the chosen one is finally here (although with all kinds of broken pieces).
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    That was not the amount of text I was planning to read when I opened this thread... :lol:

    EDIT: well my mobile client is silly and I clicked on the wrong thread. Disregard.
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