The Road To A HeartBreak Nissan R-390 Road Car on Akasaka R246 endurance(PaL Edition)

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    Hello to all the readers i thought its about time for a new write up seeing that the last 1 was about a year ago. And also i really wanted to recommend this race/car combo for everyone who likes a hard competition.
    After two months or so that i havent played, and much longer time in which i have not driven any car other than the polyphony 001 (f094/s), i decided to challenge myself and take my NISSAN R390 road car
    for a long drive on my favourite track: Tokyo R246. I gotta say i didnt know what to expect from the inferior car against the much faster AI drivers but i was ready for a fight!

    First the tunings:

    Suspension: fully customised and brake balance controller
    Transmission: full-racing and LSD full
    Turbo: stage 2
    Tyres: T3 (hard)
    HP: 544

    The settings i changed (i am hardly a "setting wiz"):

    Ride height: 80mm, 81mm
    Damper bound: 4,5
    Damper rebound: 5,6 (dont know what i was thinking)
    Toe: 0.5, -0.5
    Brake Balance: 16,16
    Down force: 0.74,0.94
    ASM and TCS: 0 (off)

    I got into Qualifying against the 5 japanesse cars and those were the results:

    1. My Nissan R390 (369 HP by stock) took pole position with 1'37 mid
    2. Raybrig nsx (473 HP by stock) just behind with 1'38 low
    3. Denso sard supra gt (463 HP by stock) also on 1'38
    4. Pennzoil nismo gt-r (493 HP by stock) 1'39
    5. Loctite zexel gt-r (453 HP by stock) 1'39 high
    6. closing the pack was the arta nsx (473 HP by stock) on the 1'40

    It was the worst of races it was the best of races.
    Before i even started i knew my main problem would be the tyre wear as i had to pit at max every 9 laps as opposed to my main opponent the Denso supra gt who could last 16 laps intill pitting.
    if every pit stop is about 20 seonds long i would have to gain on him about 100 seconds during the race.
    The Raybrig was out of it due to an 8 lap pit stop strategy and the 3 others were just not quick enough.
    Also taking to mind the long start/finish straight where i would lose like 2.5 seconds each lap (R390 top speed was only 232 kmh dropping to 222 all the others got to about 265 kmh).

    It was an unstable race which started with a couple of spins on the first corner which gave the Denso a lead of 15 seconds before my pit stop (started first 3 stops on 9 laps strategy after that 8 laps).
    At first the laps were about a minute 37-39 seconds. But as i moved further ahead in the race lap times really improved, and in about lap 35 i got my rhythm on and started making 1'35-1'36 seconds laps.
    Intill lap 50 it was a cat and mouse chase between me and the Denso and the lead switched hands everytime i pitted, i just couldn't get a big enough lead.
    The fun thing was when i stepped up my pace the denso did the same. On lap 59 i pitted with a lead of 25 seconds, then i also noticed the oil
    lamb turned red, and i got out with a 3 seconds lead. finally i was first after my pit stop, well not for long.
    Lap 63 a mistake on the first corner which made me bump the wall and spin :ouch:, intill i recovered the denso already flew by me and had a lead of 3 seconds.

    I realized its not gonna be easy (lost my 7 seconds lead). Lap 64 on the last corner the denso brakes late as i slide through the inside lane to gain back the 1st place.
    I knew i wont make it if i kept pitting every 8 laps, so the next twenty laps
    i made with two stops of 11 laps (left front tyre was all red had to adjust my corners speed a lot) and 9 laps stop.
    On lap 84 we both (me and the Denso) pitted at about the same time and the Denso came out first with a lead of 1.5 seconds. I had another stop to make thats for sure but will the Denso stop too?

    On lap 93 i pitted with a lead of 1.5 seconds. The Denso had a lead of 19 seconds as we had for the last 8, impossible to catch up as everytime i steped the pace the AI improved his game too.
    Only hope was a pit stop by the Denso, something that should happened but on the other hand he already showed he could go 16 laps without stopping, i was anxioused :nervous:.
    Intill lap 98 i got back from 19 seconds to only 8 seconds as most of my laps
    since the pit were 1.36 and even two 1.35. The Denso still didnt pit which made me nervious. Lap 99 and the Denso fly through the straight to miss the pit lane, with a 7 seconds lead i knew it was out of my hands.
    Lap 100 finally the denso gets into the pit as i rush through the straight to gain the lead, and after 509 KM, the victory with an MOV of 16 seconds.

    The results:

    1. Nissan R390 Road Car (me! :))- 2:47'07.300 Best Lap: 1'35.735
    2. Denso sard supra gt 2:47'24.239
    3. Loctite zexel gt-r 2:47'26.207 +1lap
    4. Pennzoil nismo gt-r 2:47'34.615 +1lap
    5. Arta nsx 2:47'42.215 +1lap
    6. Raybrig nsx 2:48'08.731 +1lap

    My reward except for the 400,000 cr was a red/white F094/s (Polyphony 1 in my version) that i dont really need (i have 15 F1 cars already) but i dont think there is a car i need.
    All and all an exciting race and i really enjoyed driving the nissan r390 road car and i recommend everyone to try this race out.
    I hope u enjoy reading this! comments will be appreciated :dopey:
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    Nice job there. I don't remember what I used for this race...I think I used the GT40 road car.
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    Thank you Parnelli!

    Though it wasnt the first time i did this race :dopey:

    It was just for the pure fun of it, i would never have done it if i didnt

    already have 100%.