The Rules: Posting dumb things = bad for your account health

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    Start here: Acceptable Use Policy for GTPlanet (AUP).

    You agreed to it when you signed up.
    Didn't read it? Go re-read it.
    Don't like it? Then simply behave, nobody will know the difference.
    Wish to repeatedly disobey it? Go find another site.

    These are the ground rules, and as much as I hate to say it, it's basic common sense, and typical for nearly any forum that isn't a complete mess. Or, in another words, if you wouldn't say it nor do it to a stranger sitting next to you, for fear of getting beaten up...don't type it out.

    In short: No text speak (this means proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation to the best of your ability), no profanity/cursing, no nudity, no name-calling, no spamming/polluting/trolling the site, nor being a total douchebag. The judgement of the Moderation and Administration Staff is final, if given instructions to stop.

    What this sub-forum is about:

    0) Team discussion of drifting/racing/GT5-relevancy.

    What this sub-forum is NOT about:

    1) Ebay finds, car sales, parts sales, et cetera...There's a couple of sub-forums in GTPlanet for that:
    - Cars in General and Auto News, as well as motorcycles and posting your ride(s).

    2) Videos or photos of real-life drifting.
    - There's a Motorsports section for that.

    3) Off-topic chatter* and ranting.
    - Off-topic discussion is more than welcome at GTPlanet.
    - The Rumble Strip is for most off-topic discussions.
    - For the more serious discussions/opinions and current events, we recommend the Opinions & Current Events forum.
    - There's also sections for Movies & TV, Music, and Photography, Graphics/Image Editing.
    * Note: We no longer have a "chat room", as of October 2012.

    4) Discussion of illegal activities.
    - Speeding, street racing, drag racing, street drifting, or other acts of illegal road-going hoonage. No excuses, it's explained in the AUP.
    - This also includes inciting violence, property damage, drugs, theft, piracy, cracks, et cetera. See the AUP, or ask if you're not sure.
    - If it's illegal in your town, village, state, province, or nation, it's not okay to explicitly discuss your details of your crime at GTPlanet.
    - For an honest, serious, and earnest discussion about these matters, there's the Opinions & Current Events forum.

    5) Don't be afraid to ask a question, but please search first.
    - Search
    - Site Support

    6) Don't lie: It makes you look stupid, and we'll find out anyhow. It's also against the rules.

    7) It's okay to use your brain and your backbone.
    - We have a Report button at the bottom of every post. See something that's completely out of place or unacceptable? That's how we Moderators/Administrators can help...But don't abuse it; don't push the button because you're losing an argument fair and square.
    - Don't be afraid to walk away from an argument, but "play the ball, not the man", and don't post extraordinary claims if you have no intention of backing them up.

    8) "I was just trolling."
    - That's funny, because we were just moderating. Nothing personal.

    Basically, the owner of the site wants a cohesive place to find information and create a community around our pastime of playing Gran Turismo (or whatever else you do with your life). Jamming your entire lives into one thread is not the intention of GTPlanet, get out a little bit and explore!
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