The song in GT 7 without name

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Anybody know the name of this song? I didn’t see a song name pop up. I go through the playlist and can’t find it.
I mean the song starts at 0:21 to the end. I believe this song is triggered by a menu task, every time I enter this track it will play this song.

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Weird thing is that this song also plays in replays, but it's named there. There are also a bunch of unnamed songs in the game that were literally named in previous games.
Yeah, how they handled the soundtrack in terms of the UI is weird. Like there's 6 more Daiki Kasho songs that don't show up in the Showcase, but play in the replays randomly. Or how the GT7 version of Moon Over the Castle is exclusive to Music Replays only.

Seems like a rush job to me. -shrug-