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    This is where I'll post pretty much all of my finished tracks. Most of the tracks focus on thematic/gimmicky/giving myself a challenge-based tracks, absolutely not suited to competitive racing at all, though a few are designed for actual competitive racing.

    TO DOWNLOAD TRACKS, CLICK THE LINK HERE:!/friend/bedgy1/course/

    In a distant future, when nuclear radiation pollutes the land, and three eyed fish roam the waters, there exists few hospitable areas. West Lake Village is one such area. Formerly a research lab, this village offers a good view of the devastation of World War III...the perfect spot for diesel-powered cars to race on.
    Theme: Andalusia
    Length: 6.21 miles


    You've seen the 100m circle. You've even seen the 60m circle. But have you seen the uneven 7354m spiral? I doubt you have. Follow the spiral towards the centre as you attempt to make way for hills and cars who storm past you in this treacherous license test.
    Theme: Eifel
    Length: 4.57 miles​
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