The WDS will be taking a break... more info inside

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Well, I was going to wait till after WDS 21, but Geoff hasn't gotten back to me about the next theme, so I'll go ahead and give the WDS a break.
Now, what this means is, NO! the WDS is not dead! I will bring it back as soon as Loon's competition gets done. What this does do, is 1: give Loon's competition the spotlight to see how it goes and whatnot 2: an opportunity to ask for everyones opinion on something which i will get to in a moment 3: allow me to help Loon if he needs it and 4: it will not put any strain on either competition since both will not be going at the same time. So that should mean that the new competition will get full attention!

Now, on to what i wanted some opinions on.
What can we do to get more participation in the WDS when it starts back up?
Would anyone like to see any changes to anything?
Any comments/suggestions on other things or any comments/suggestions at all?
Now, I DO want your opinions on what i have asked, but that does not mean every single thing you guys suggest will be changed. But I will take everything into consideration.
Umm I guess that is all for now.
Post away!
So in 5 weeks the WDS will back and have some fresh new ideas, so go ahead and comment on how you think the WDS should be changed and made better.👍
To be honest, I really like the D1 style format and it's close to what I would have liked the WDS to be from the start... Although the judging will always be an issue when there's no anonymity (although I don't suppose the WDS is that anonymous after all )

I don't really think much about WDS sections that aren't linkable all the way through, as I kinda always imagined a WDS run as being supposed to be drifted from start to finish... So, I'm kinda put off when straights are included (last two, and #5). In my opinion, the last WDS round would be more attractive even if it had only been the right-left at the end.. although it's a very short bit.

So how about:
- Sections driftable from start to finish, hopefully something like 3-5 linkable apexes
- Loose car themes (if any)... or at least allow for some of the more popular drift cars to be included
- Possibly lose the "anonymity" altogether
- Encourage voters to post feedback and what made them vote so and so
WDS and D1GP need to be put together in some way shape or form.

I agree, maybe having these two comps together will be better. I mean the only difference between the WDS and D1GP is the anonymity, its a season instead of just a single week comp, and the way the votes are tallied into points.

I actually offered to let Suzuki run the D1GP comp after the first season is done but he didn't want to for several reasons.
This souds wondeerful, I think that the tracks were the main problem, wds 16 was the best ive seen, it was 100% linkable, and it wasnt like anything impossible *cough*21*cough* I cant wait to see this new comp!