The Web Game Thread

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While theirs plenty of discussion for games on consoles and handhelds, one thing I don’t see that I feel is often overlooked, is a discussion on web games. What do I mean by this? I am talking about Flash games as well as Java, Shockwave, Unity, and just about anything that can be played on an internet browser. I mean, they’re everywhere, sites like Gamesloth, Miniclip, Funbrain, Car Games 1, and many others have existed for years now and I am sure of us I have been on some of these sites before and played a few games. Yet, I see very little talk about them around here and with Flash coming to an end late this year, I think now is a good time to talk about these games!

So anyway, if you have any web-based games you want to talk about, it can be Flash, Java, Unity, Shockwave, or whatever other formats they have that can be played on an internet browser, this is the place to discuss them! :)