The worst online experience ever (My story)

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by Its No Use, Jun 20, 2017.

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    Its No Use

    Has anybody ever gotten kicked from a room for ridiculous reasons-- if any reason at all??

    I was in a huge online game of 32 players in Watkins Glen, and it was just like playing Forza Motorsport online. Nearly half of the drivers are idiots who divebomb, corner cut, and ram other drivers to use them as premium-quality brakes. I managed to get a good time in the qualifying session, starting in 19th place (I was also the last driver to actually get a qualifying time; the others failed to score).

    The race starts, and so does the bloodbath. Some cars were misplaced from the grids, probably due to a glitch in PCars, and another car I saw immediately moves forward, false starting, and hitting the back of another car. Just as the light goes green, it becomes a massacre. Cars were already losing control and hitting one another, and I was one of the only drivers to clear that mess gracefully and continue the race.

    As I was driving through the 5 laps of the race, I noticed other drivers ramming and getting rammed off the track, plowing into the walls at high speeds as if they were Ayrton Senna. One driver was just hiding right behind the pits and immediately blocked the track, DESTROYING someone else's car as I barely missed them. At that same lap in the first two corners, a red RUF flies by and hits me, using me as a brake to slow himself down at the corner. I was able to recover myself without hitting a wall, but I SOMEHOW GOT PENALIZED FOR CUTTING THE TRACK. Like, forget that Chinese Porsche rip-off-- I'm the only bad guy in this race! It didn't hurt that much because there weren't a lot of cars behind me, but I was unfairly penalized by the race because I was driving on the outside; not the inside. I wasn't cutting at all, basically, and I got my engine limited for no reason.

    After the race, I finished 11th. But some guy comes in and brings my ****ing parents into this, telling me they're actually incestuous brothers. I had no idea why the hell he said that, especially when I didn't even do anything wrong in the race, and before I could respond, I got removed from the bloody race. For. No. Reason.

    Pretty much why I think user-hosted lobbies have the worst online experiences ever. Please remind me never to play online in this game ever again.

    But that's enough of my story... tell me about yours. What was your worst online experience in this game?
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    Honestly, sounds like every public online experience with every game ever.

    I could give a bunch of stories like that, then I found a good private group to race with. I think most would recommend that. Enter a public room together if you still want to play those, and then wreck out the jerks as a team. :D
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    I just got back into PC after months of AC online, it's a wreck fest on PC.
    I did manage to find a good lobby after hunting a bit.

    As a side note, I don't find the Senna wrecking into walls comment in the OP very classy.

    Just my thoughts.
  4. TurboBlazer


    Did you seriously call a RUF a Chinese Porsche rip-off? Lmfao. Dumbass. Get a clue before you talk **** about something you don't have a clue about. RUF's are built in Germany and they start as Porsche bodies-in-white mostly or sometimes RUF modifies already built and VIN'd Porsche cars. RUF take those body shells and finish them out as a German manufacturer and assign them a RUF VIN though at its base, the body is a Porsche made body. Then they modify every inch of the car to make them better than factory Porsches. Look it up. It's all on the internet for people like you to use to educate themselves.

    There's nothing Chinese about it.
  5. Its No Use

    Its No Use

    Whew. And this is the one thing you take from the whole thing? Someone's salty.