The Year in Motorsports: 2019

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    As somewhat a tradition I do on GTPlanet, I like to look back on the current year in all of motorsports while also looking ahead to motorsports in the following year. This is an unofficial way of me celebrating the start of my 17th year on GTPlanet (Dec. 5 is my anniversary of joing GTP back in 2003). So here is my thread where me and my fellow GTPlaneteers look back on the year in motorsports.

    The topics are simple:
    * the best moments in motorsports for this year (your most favorite moments)
    * the worst moments in motorsports for this year (your least favorite moments)
    * your indifferent moments in motorsports (moments you neither loved nor hated)
    * most memorable moment for you in motorsport this year (good, bad, or indifferent)
    * (OPTIONAL) how you feel about motorsport from this year
    * what you look forward to in racing in the upcoming year

    In looking back, there is also really one consideration:
    * If a major championship or race hasn't happened yet or ended, it can not be discussed here. - For example, the current Formula E championship is ongoing. So no discussion of the current season can be discussed as a look back for this year. You can, however, discuss the 2018-2019 season of Formula E since it ended in 2019.

    It's time we take a look back on 2019, if you wish to start or continue this discussion. Go for it!
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    * the best moments in motorsports for this year (your most favorite moments)
    The spectacular 6-race run of amazing F1 races stretching from Austria to Italy.
    The finish to the Mexico City ePrix.
    The deluge in the Paris ePrix that cause utter carnage.
    The WRC drivers title going to a non-Frenchman called Sebastien for the first time since 2003.

    * the worst moments in motorsports for this year (your least favorite moments)
    Anthoine Hubert's death at Spa. I'd had a great day at Silverstone watching the ELMS 4 Hours of Silverstone which was thoroughly enjoyable, but then heard the news over the speakers after the race, which instantly ruined the rest of the weekend. Also the fact that idiots still claim that the Halo is bad because Hubert died. His death was nothing to do with the Halo, the fact that Gelael and Correa are still alive is though, so hopefully the FIAs report will emphasise the fact that the Halo did its job elsewhere.
    The fact that LMP1 is going to die a death in a limp mess of artificial BOP.

    * your indifferent moments in motorsports (moments you neither loved nor hated)
    Dan Cammish losing out on the BTCC title 2 laps from the end. It would have been great to see someone else take the title, but it would have been tainted by his team mate's professional foul on Turkington in the previous race.
    The new F3 cars at Macau were a success, but they'll only really be a success until there is another large accident. There was nothing out of the ordinary this year, so it's going to be a case of waiting until it happens and then saying "I told you so"...
    The return of the Dutch GP is a great story and the circuit upgrades will make Zandvoort even better than it already is, but I can't get away from the thought that it's just going to be another Albert Park where the track is brilliant, but overtaking opportunities are non-existent.

    * most memorable moment for you in motorsport this year (good, bad, or indifferent)
    Being stood on the wall at Maggotts for the British GP. That is undoubtedly the best place in the world to watch F1 cars, and I'm glad I got to see them through that section before the speeds get reduced again in 2021.
    Also visiting the Austrian Grand Prix and finally crossing "Visit a Foreign Grand Prix" off my bucket list.

    * how you feel about motorsport from this year
    It's been good as usual. Fans will still complain about anything, even when it's fine, and that can get annoying, especially as the internet allows them to have more of a voice. Stewarding and penalties in F1 has been inconsistent and confusing at times, and track limits still hasn't been dealt with properly.

    * what you look forward to in racing in the upcoming year

    Hopefully getting a job in it.
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    Haven't watched too much this year but;

    * the best, and most memorable was...

    BTCC, Brands Hatch GP, Season Finale.... Race 2 & 3... such a roller coaster of emotion! I was also happy for the Rolex 24 result.

    * indifferent


    * how you feel about motorsport from this year

    One of the things I've found most interesting were the DTM/SuperGT races. I mean, the races themselves weren't great, but this has been a long time coming, and I'm keen to what happens next. Mostly though, I didn't see that many races this year... so I just feel sad... sad face me :(

    * what you look forward to in racing in the upcoming year

    Actually going to some races again..
  4. 05XR8


    * the best moments in motorsports for this year (your most favorite moments)
    - Going to the first race of the inaugural TCR Australia series
    - the full TCR Australia season
    - Ruebens Barrichello participating in the first S5000 weekend at Sandown
    - watching the TCR Spa 500

    * the worst moments in motorsports for this year (your least favorite moments)
    - there have been multiple motorsport deaths this year, RIP. However, there were some that should have been included in that statistic, but thankfully, the drivers survived or were not seriously injured(still makes them the worst for seeing them):
    - Sophia Floersch at Macau
    - Alex Peroni at Monza
    - Scott McLaughlin at Surfers Paradise
    - the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship parity adjustments

    * what you look forward to in racing in the upcoming year
    - the Australian GP support races
    - TCR Australia at the Bathurst 6H
    - I may be going to my first Bathurst 1000 next year
    - the TCR Bathurst 500km and its support races
    - iMSA Pilot Challenge at Daytona, debut of the Mazda3 TCR
    - GR Supra GT4 debut
    - Newcastle 500
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    Floersch was last year.
  6. 05XR8


    :eek: Wow felt so recent
  7. AudiMan2011

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    Best Moments
    - BTCC delivering another epic season, especially in the final round
    - Indycar delivering more cracking racing
    - Juncos bumping Alonso out of Indy 500 qualifying
    - Charles Leclerc getting his first F1 win at Spa, then going back to back at Monza
    - The German GP was an absolute classic
    - Marco Andretti skating around a soaking wet Detroit on slick tires

    Worst Moments
    - The death of Anthoine Hubert overshadowing the Spa weekend
    - Alex Peroni's scary crash at Monza

    Indifferent Moments
    - Merc walking to the F1 title yet again
    - Toyota steamrolling LMP1 in WEC
    - Ferrari continuing to choke their F1 title challenge

    How motorsport was this year
    F1 has had some good moments this year but the majority of races have still been really poor. Indycar has continued to put on a show and BTCC is still proving to be some of the most exciting racing anywhere right now.

    Looking forward to 2020
    - Hyundai entering BTCC for the first time
    - A closer fight between Ferrari, Merc and Red Bull, hopefully
    - Leclerc and Max Verstappen cementing themselves as F1's next great rivalry
    - Indycar aeroscreen
    - WEC Hypercar regs
    - Class One coming in to effect for Super GT and more potential crossovers with DTM
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    Best moments:
    - Close championship battles in IndyCar, NHRA and IMSA
    - Going to my first overall IndyCar race at Road America and my first IndyCar oval race at Iowa
    - Surprisingly good racing in F1
    - McLaren actually seeming like they are finally turning it around.
    - McLaren joining IndyCar full time
    - Mazda breaking through and finally winning
    - TCR growing in the U.S.

    Worst Moments:
    - Lewis running away with the F1 title
    - Hinch and Bourdais losing their rides at the end of the season
    - Ford ending the GT program
    - The current WEC LMP1 season
    - The storm during the Iowa IndyCar race.

    Indifferent moments:
    - Kyle Busch winning the Cup championship. I have nothing against him and I'm happy he won, but the way the Champion is decided currently doesn't hold my interest.

    Things I'm looking forward to:

    - Seeing how the behind-the-scenes changes work out with IMSA and Indycar.
    - Going to more races. Tentatively I'm planning on seeing ARCA (possibly x2), IMSA, IndyCar (x2), NASCAR (Xfinity), NHRA and Trans-Am in 2020.
    - WEC Hypercar
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  9. CLowndes888


    Best Moments:
    Bathurst. Nothing happened for the first 100 laps and then it all kicked off. Having it come down to a one lap sprint after a safety car was very exciting to watch.
    Charles Leclerc winning his first race. After the heartbreak of Bahrain, it was great to finally see him win.
    Charles Leclerc winning at Monza. In front of the Italian crowd, it really was something special.
    The German Grand Prix. It had everything.
    The Brazilian Grand Prix. Seeing all the top cars except Verstappen in some kind of incident definitely shuffled things around.
    Gasly getting SECOND in Brazil.
    Carlos Sainz getting a podium (sort of).
    Townsville Super Sprint on Sunday. The rain really spiced things up and was an absolute cracker.

    Worst Moments:
    Albon being bumped by Hamilton whilst in the podium position.
    The shenanigans that followed after the #17 won Bathurst.
    The parity adjustments in Supercars.
    The safety car debacle at Pukekohe.
    McLaughlin's horror crash at Gold Coast.
    Lando Norris' car breaking down at Spa with one lap to go.
    Leclerc's engine problem at Bahrain, denying him his first win.
    Anthoine Hubert being killed at Spa.
    Hulkenberg throwing away a podium in Germany.

    Indifferent Moments:
    McLaughlin winning his second championship. He was favourite from the beginning.
    Hamilton winning the F1 World Championship again.
    Ferrari's horror strategy calls and missed opportunities. Why am I not surprised?

    Memorable Moments for me:
    Seeing S5000 and TCR for the first time at Sandown.
    Andre Heimgartner getting a third place at Phillip Island with Save Our Sons on the bonnet. Also, seeing him at the Sandown 500.
    The last Supercar race at the GP on Saturday. Waters sans a wheel, and McLaughlin with heavy damage prevent them from even starting.

    What I'm looking forward too:
    Going the Australian GP on race day.
    Going to see the 500 KM Supercar race at The Bend.
    Phillip Island Historics.
    The 2020 Dutch GP. I wonder if Zandvoort will actually work again as an F1 venue.
    Chaz Mostert racing for Walkinshaw Andretti United.
    Andre Heimgartner in a Mustang. I hope he wins with a superior car.