There is something wrong on Corvette GR.3 Street Version

Discussion in 'GTS Drifting' started by Lazy Liquid, May 2, 2018.

  1. Lazy Liquid

    Lazy Liquid

    Finally I got this car in the miles store, after a long wait. I already had good results on the Atenza and the Mustang, but this car is different. The ebrake is weird, makes the car spin easily. Also, just a bit of more than a mediocre angle will stick the front tires in the ground and make the car spin out.

    I tried several different setups, but nothing made results, specially about the ebrake. I'm sure that I was on the drift tab. Besides, i tried the street tab too, and feels normal and annoying as the street tab should be.

    Any clue? Did you guys found any setup able to not make it handles like garbage?