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  1. Hellmary


    So..Ive been thinking. Mostly about all of the things I kind of missed about 5:

    Online dealership! That feeling that you "found a great deal for a low price!!"
    The joy of purchasing something that's not in the regular dealership library...
    I believe some things are supposed to remain hidden and then "discovered" to be valuable!

    B-Spec racers!
    The dumbing down of B-spec, was a mistake in my opinion. Having multiple drivers gave you a sense of "entrepreneurship " and it felt good to manage all of those"personalities" and choose the right one for the right track. Not to mention racing and creating them all..sigh*...good times.good times..

    Oh..remind me of this word(ELIMINATION) later..just thought of it..time trial.Dang that ones gonna be good.

    Anyways...I kind of think the nostalgia I feel for 5 is just fueling my vision for what I think 7 ought to be, so we can have the worlds best driving game get just a leeeeetle bit better. Tell me if you agree or disagree or just post anything youre thinking of too. MAYbe...JUST maybe...smh...Nah..they'll never listen to us..LOL. but Who goes..

    1. Bring back the online dealership...nuff said. see # 2 though..
    2. Also Allow players who reach a certain status ( Like Yuhki) and other top ten'ers to open a dealership.
    Once you fall below your top 10 status your dealership is closed!! This will give everyone an incentive to strive for the top because you can make money by buying and tuning cars..!CAn you Imagine? OMG The competition would be ridiculous and you would see people really GETTING GOOD!
    3. Tuning and customization from friends: Improve the interface and exchange of information for tuningwithin the game. And/or allow friends to see the tunings and apply them from friends, for profit( fixed prices) so they cant vcompete with top ten'ers..or make it only available to 11-100 etc..increase the motivation for people to drive better by giving them customizable functions not available to everyone. That feeling of eliteness should be real.4. Im getting to this one early so I don't forget it..

    4. Im getting to this one early so I don't forget it!! AW wow..and honestly...this could be done NOW I think! ELIMINATION rounds...
    Start it like a race, but place an ever decreasing time line on the clock after each lap..The last person standing the times get shorter and shorter the pressure mounts!! hahaha oh my god I can see it now.
    5. Add second and third primary colors on cars.In short the customization is lacking. When grand theft auto is more in depth at color customization than this game , something is definitely wrong! Side skirts..hood arranging..An online object creation rockstar has! So you can create your own logos and them paste them on your car! LIKE ROCKSTAR DOES>. sorry to harp on it but that's a cool function..we all want our identities on a game, and that was one of the coolest features ive ever seen ADOPT THAT GT7 ..its not about making up the idea..its about using what people love! like salt and pepper..if everyone used theyre own spice wed run out of ideas for recipes fast..( ok enough philospphy).lol

    6. Make a scrambled race cue like matchmaking in Call of duty. Different track..a small group of hungry racers...rewards for cueing and participating..prizes etc..its a simple device..this 1 style 4 choice race thing is abominable. sorry no offense I mean..i love it..prototype muscle cars whatever but 1 MAP per race for a month? seriously? CMON MEN its GT,,,,ITS FREAKING G FREAKING T!!"""??

    7. As a caveat.. Stop Adding those stupid face book and social media functions for the sake of other more entertaining things IN GAME..we can "TELL " our friends about our exploits a million other ways instead of you wasting valuable game space to make it functional in YOUR GAME>HEll thyre usuall ON THE SAME GAME ANYWAYS....its a stupid memory chomping gimmick and u should dispose of it immediately..Find a better way to use that space , using one of those 5 ideas above?? LOL>..ok

    8.OH! add a voting tab so you can vote out especially dirty racers right your mastching menue...

    9. Add more tuning choices per car..(A..b & C is nice) but it would be nice to have maybe 3 -5 more tunings for different race courses and drift settings for short and long drifts..

    10. Limited run cars on DLC and in game where certain races and events give away totally unique cars in short supply..LIKE in real life.only 15 of those Dunlop skylines ever gkiven away would make people HUNT for those events !!! CREATE THE hype guys stop relying on the games reputation to make us love it..and MAKE US LOVE IT!!

    11. OH... I REMEBER NOW!!!..
    STOP.... !STOP STOP baiting people with the 1million credit DLC cards for 44$,,
    DO U KNOW HOW *****ing insulting that is? That's just criminal..If youre that desperate for profitsm, then build a better game..and stop charging people for fun..we ALREADY BOUGHT YOUR DARNED GAME?? WHy do u thinkits right to keep charging money for a handful of tokens?? JESUS..its like the arcade days of the 80s or something but online!! THEREASON WE STARTED HOME GAMING WAS TO NOT HAVE TO KEEP FREAKING PAY FOR IT ALL THE TIME>>>????????JESUS!! yes im passionate about that.. as you can see.. SET A TREND..if u want to charge for something.. MAKE some insanely cool car and post it for 3.99 and watch how may you sell you freking idiots.. if the game is 44$ to buy and play..why would I spend 44$ to get 1 million dollars in credits if I can win ONE RACE AND GET THE SAME MONEY?? don't get me started..GTA5 made the same mistak and then they nerfed all the payouts..and lost 3/4 of theyre playrs and millions of loyal fans..don't make the same mistake.

    I had so many more but im drawing a blank now since im at work right now..when they come to me ill continue..cant wait to hear your ideas!!
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    This is the wrong forum for thoughts on GT7/Sport, and I don't think we need a badly written rant in there either.
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