Thinking of making an exact replica of the 85 Cagiva Dakar bike.

United Kingdom
Somewhere only we know.
Hey folks, i was thinking i wouldn't mind a replica of this bike shown below.I will use an 80's Cagiva Elefant 750 engine with kickstart and rear monoshock ( for better road handling ), with a 650cc frame and front forks.Plus a replica 60 litre fuel tank, headlight surround with headlight grill.Also will have a seat made exactly the same too.Because the air box is situated in a different place on the 750 Elefant, compared to the 650 Elefant ( 650 air box is under the seat ) as the rear cylinder is reversed backwards. I need to find a place for that, unless there is room made under the fuel tank for it. The oil cooler needs to be in open air, so the engine doesn't overheat too.Choice of colours i will go for the Lucky Explorer war paint.And will also be road legal too, with mirrors, headlight, indicators and brake lights etc.And if possible fit later mikuni carburettors from the E750 Elefant, plus a replica exhaust as shown in the picture below.

Cheers Nath.


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