PC Thrustmaster T150 - car is all over the place

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by RikkiGT-R, Jun 13, 2016.

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    I bought the aforementioned wheel recently for Gran Turismo (works perfectly - plug and play - without any need to change settings), and decided to try out Project CARS with the same wheel.

    I've no idea what is going on but right away any car I drive is all over the track. Zig-zagging constantly, diving into walls, barriers, off the track into the grass (all without any input from me). It has a mind of it's own and I don't know what to do.

    I calibrated the wheel and pedals, and made sure all buttons were assigned correctly. Beyond that all I see are a whole host of options in some bizarre technical language that is a mystery to me :D

    I'm hoping it's something simple I've missed because I'm baffled. Help greatly appreciated.
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    Of course I haven't. That would be WAY too easy :dunce:

    Bookmarked the page and will do that once I'm back from the studio. Thank you!
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    Just check that I have selected the correct wheel for you, it had a choice between Ferrari and standard, I chose the standard one.
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    Mine is the "T150 Ferrari Wheel Force Feedback"
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    I've got a T150 and use it with PCars on PS4. Use these settings here and see if it helps:

    Steering Deadzone (0)
    Steering Sensitivity (50)
    Throttle Deadzone (0)
    Throttle Sensitity (50)
    Brake Deadzone (0)
    Brake Sensitity (40)
    Clutch Deadzone (0)
    Clutch Sensititvy (35)

    Speed Snesitivity (0)
    Controller Filtering Sensitivity (0)
    Damper Saturation (0)

    Force Feedback (85) you can increase or lower it!
    RPM/Gear Display (Yes)

    Controller Input Mode (3)
    Advanced (On)
    Sot Steering Dampening (On)
    Visual Wheel Filtering (On)
    Opposite Lock Help (Off)


    Tire Force (35)
    Per Wheel Movement (0)
    Per Wheel Movement Squared (0)
    Wheel Position Smoothing (0.04)

    Deadzone Removal Range (0.00)
    Deadzone Removal Falloff (0.01)

    Linkage Scale (0.00)
    Linkage Stiffness (1.00)
    Linkage Damping (1.00)
    Relative Adjust Gain (1.10)
    Relative Adjust Bleed (0.10)
    Relative Adjust Clamp (0.95)

    Scoop Knee (0.60)
    Scoop Reduction (0.15)

    Soft Clipping Half Input (0)
    Soft Clipping Full Output (0)

    Menu spring strength (0.10)
    Low speed spring coefficient (0.70)
    Low spring speed saturation (0.70)
    Steering gain (1.75)*

    I don't have any issues whatsoever using these settings. The T150 feels great IMO. Better than the G27 it replaced :tup:
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    Sensitivity and dead zones I get, but the rest might as well be Chinese :boggled:

    Thanks for that list, I'll apply those and see what happens. Much appreciated.
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    I just checked, the firmware is the same. Go ahead and install :cheers:
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