Thrustmaster T150 Failure

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi all,

Out of the blue my pedals are no longer recognised by my T150.
I’ve tried a spare set and even pulled them apart but all seems fine.

I therefore assume the issue is either with the wheel connector or circuit board.

Has anyone had a similar issue and know of a fix?

It may be just a capacitor failure but I can’t see anything obviously wrong with the circuit board
Obviously don’t want to pay more than it’s worth to send it to Thrustmaster for repair.

Thanks for reading and any help you can provide.
Hello ben I have the t150 wheel and pedals, my steering wheel went funny and thrustmaster repaired it for free as was only a few months old at the time, how old is yours?

The only time my pedals didn't work was using a version of gran turismo 5 which wasn't updated , after the game updated it worked fine..

Can you plug it into a pc and use the thrustmaster software to see if any of the buttons/ pedals etc are doing anything?..

Maybe somebody else may know of a solution....hope you get it fixed...