Thrustmaster T150 Pro or Logitech G29

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    I play ETS 2 a lot and i would like to purchase a wheel for it so i have looked on amazon at all the different wheels and reviews and i have come down to the T150 Pro and G29 i'm not sure witch one to go for because the G29 is only 29.4 euros more then The T150 Pro witch one do you thinks best for Euro truck simulator 2?
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    The T150 is more linear, quieter, and feels better in my opinion.
    The stock pedals are crap but you're looking at the pro which comes with the T3PAs, those are quite good.

    The G29 comes with a shifter, and the pedals aren't bad, but not as good as the T3PAs

    It's a bit of a draw for me but if your only playing ETS pedals really don't matter, and it would be nice to have a shifter.

    Too bad you're not in the states, I have a year old T150 I'd sell for $50.
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    Leo's adapter works great, I'm using one. The Logitech shifter is OK, it works alright but obviously you get what you pay for! There's a pretty simple mod you can do (with a spacer behind the spring) to make the shifts a bit firmer. Another choice is the SHH Shifter, at 94 EUR it's roughly in the middle pricewise, although I have seen the TH8A at about that price before (could've been, but it was a while ago).