Thrustmaster T300 Centering problems

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Keluna, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Received my shiny new T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition on 1/22, got it setup and spent 3 hours in GT6, working great, no problems. Then I switched to PS4 mode and Driveclub PS Plus Edition and started having problems with the wheel not returning to center.

    Researched the problem, updated firmware, and performed the centering sequence, full left, full right, and three button press. Couldn't get the LED to flash. By chance I released the three buttons in reverse order, Radio, Paddle, and Mode last and the LED flashed. Tested in Driveclub and centering problem went away (for now?)

    Update 2/2:

    • 20 minutes into Driveclub and the problem has returned, the wheel centers at 11 o'clock.
    • Exit game, wheel self-calibrates and centers correctly.
    • Unplug USB change to PS3 mode and start GT6 with wheel centered.
    • Halfway through a 2 lap race the wheel starts centering at 2 o'clock.
    • Exit game, wheel self-calibrates and centers correctly.

    I really want to like this wheel, but right now I believe this one is defective.

    Anyone else have this problem? Guess not...

    Update 2/4 - makes it so easy, requested a replacement and returning this one.
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  2. Ian_83


    That's one massive advantage with using Amazon, they are usually quick to sort issues like this. :tup:

    There is a T300 thread which has loads of reported issues and a few fixes in there. Maybe someone in there would have been able to answer your question (too late now, but useful for the future):

    There's also a reliability poll ongoing if you care to take a look:

    Good luck with the replacement, I hope that it solves your issue. :D