Thrustmaster T300 Force Feedback

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United Kingdom
Hi all

I am just trying the beta now with the T300 and I want to reduce the force feedback - in particular, the wheel weight.

I have plugged my wheel into the PC and updated and I have set all force feedback and wheel weight sliders to 0.

In the game menu, no matter what I do with the torque or force feedback sliders, the wheel is still extremely heavy and almost impossible to turn in the corners.

Wheel is a year old and works on all my other driving games.

Any advice please?

I'm loving the beta so far - just not how heavy the game makes the wheel.

Thanks in advance.
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United Kingdom
I'm having the same issue on T150... seems there's no adjustment for the weight of the wheel at present. If anybody has any solutions that would be great.
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United Kingdom
You adjust it under driving options just before a race

That's all well and good but that's only changing the detail coming through the wheel and the responsiveness of your inputs. There's nowhere to change weight of the wheel or even the overall force output.
I have the same issue. Even if I turn ffb strength sliders all the way down to 1 it is still very heavy. I think this is bug. I hope PD will fix it in final release.
I've seen this issue reported in a few threads now. I am of the same opinion, T300 force/strength is too heavy. Maybe a ploy between Polyphony and Thrustmaster to get us to buy their new product ;)
i will join this topic,.. ffb is way too heavy,.... (Please change it, else i can not play it much longer than 2 or 3 races after each other)
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I actually found that increasing the force feedback values made the feedback a little more tolerable on my T500. It still doesn't make the forces themselves much more informative- feels like the wheel is tied to the rear tires instead of the fronts...

I don't remember it being this bad during the beta. I specifically recall going back to GT6 and thinking about how lacking that force feedback felt by comparison.
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United States
There are 3 sliders related to the T300 try them all 3 all the way down ... torque at 1 sensitivity at -2 and I dont remember the other. I still find the FFB a bit too heavy. But this configuration works pretty well so far. With the default I was lifting my Wheel Stand Pro when turning :P
My wheel ain´t Thrustmaster, instead it´s a "combo/mix", I actually have a Logitech G27 wheel plugged in to the Reasnow Crosshair Adapter, that indulges PS4 into thinking that I plugged in a Logitech G29...

I won´t say that the wheel feels tremendously heavy... but even with all sliders on minimum... is feels to much heavy for what I like, and consider that it should be.... and the FFB effects are also way strong (with ALL SLIDERS at Minimum!!) causing strong problems to control the car when the tires slide minimally, or the tires step on the track borders (or outside it)...

Luckly G27 may be tweaked using the Profile Configurator on a PC, and has an option that allows players to avoid that the Game (and PS4) will "clear" such tweak...

This part I´m going to try tonight.. and see if with such tweaks I´m capable of reducing the weight and FFB output from my "combo"...
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New Zealand
Using the T300 and agree the wheel is still very heavy even with the sliders down to 1. The wheel had far less weight in GT6. That's the feel I want to go back to.
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Same here, way too much weight even on both sliders at 1.
During closed beta everything was OK with ffb.