Thrustmaster T300RS Force Cooling Mode

  • Thread starter Felix
I discovered about a mode option for the T300RS, called "Forced Cooling". What it does it set the fans to go at max at all times with the wheel unit. It then saved in it's local memory if you have it turned on or off, so you only need to do it once and every time jump on the wheel, it will straight away spin the fan up for max.

What you need to do is press "Mode" and "Option/Start" and hold down until the red light flashes. If it flashes twice, it means forced cooling is switched on. If it gives a single flash, it means the cooling is set to "Automatic".

The forced cooling should help combat FFB-Fade, which happens when the wheel gets too hot. Because the auto mode is reactive, by the time the fans are up to their full speed, it's already too late and you are pretty much certain to get fade, until it's cooled down enough for full FFB, only for this to keep repeating over and over, especially if you're doing an endurance race. So with the forced cooling option, you should have a better chance of avoiding the FFB strength of your wheel constantly changing back and forth.

You will need to have updated to the latest firmware, which you can only do on a Windows PC. Any firmware above V25 has this feature possible.

I hope this helps a few people who are finding their base unit it constantly over heating and making the FFB feel all screwy.