Tips on controlling P/X class cars with just the controller?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 6' started by daspianist, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. daspianist


    I am really interested in improving my driving of high-end and race-spec cars.

    I usually keep most of the assists off (no TCS and STM, also no ABS), but have a very difficult time controlling the cars when its in 1st and 2nd gears. The cars would constantly wobble, bounces off the limiter (especially at race start) and I would swerve towards one side and another unless I perform some very involved steering.

    I was wondering if anyone has any tips for better controlling these fast, rear-drive cars with just the controller? Whether its adjusting the controller settings or general tips on driving them in lower gears - tips are appreciated.
  2. Casey


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    Do you have steering on simulation or normal cause its better to have it on normal with a controller.

    Also try just having TCS on helps out alot with high powered cars.
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  3. JC_Dude


    Don't just slam the throttle or the brake, even if you use ABS.
  4. TonyJZX


    Yep. Dont slam the triggers to accelerate or brake. You wouldnt do it in your real car, you shouldnt do it in a 750hp open wheeler in F6.

    To me there's a lot of psychology involved too.

    I did a few early volumes and then jumped to the F1 or Indycars and was completely overwhelmed. The jump was just too much.

    Right now I'm ok and in the zone. Indycars arent a big deal. I can handle them especially on the open circuits but the E23 still requires me to 'get psyched' to run them fast.

    I also think more than any other class, these cars require you to think a few corners ahead and to at least, try to chain corners in a sequence.

    On the lower class, this isnt all that necessary but due to the speed and the huge cornering speeds I really have to think like 2 to 3 corners at a time because you just dont have time to concentrate on *this* ONE corner right now when the next one is like what seems like a millisecond away.
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  5. daspianist


    Great point. These cars do take a different way of thinking, and a lot more finger finesses than the usual lineup. I guess I will also up the trigger sensitivity so its not 0 or 100 when it comes to accelerating or braking.
  6. Frizbe

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    This is the biggest thing IMO it's also something that is not input method dependent.
    Another thing that will help with all cars is your input dead zones. Make sure you have them set to 0 inside (maybe up to 5 on steering if your controller is older) and 100 outside, that is for all throttle brake and steering.
  7. VXR


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    I found the 4/4 to be a handful at first on a wet Dunsfold, but once you know the throttle, you can get it around quickly enough. I'm no hotlapper and I had to take funny lines to avoid the puddles, but I did it in 1:10 and that was my only concentrated lap.