TLN GT Sport Sunday Cup; all drivers welcome!

United States
United States
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Hey everybody!
I'd like to invite all racers, new and old, to come race with us on Sunday nights for some good ol' fashion racing! We have been grouping up since the days of Gran Turismo 5 and always looking for good people to race with. Here is a run through of how our night goes/about us:

- Lobby opens up @ 8:45 PM EST and runs until about 12:30-1:00 AM EST (can be a little earlier or later depending on work schedules). we also create a voice chat on PSN with the event name.

- Car category can be anything! we believe a great driver is someone who is well-versed in different discplines. Recently Gr.3 has been popular with new people to the lobby but it can easily go to super formula then to rally haha.

- Races last about 10-15 minutes (usually a 5 lap race, depending on track). Track selection can range from Tsukuba to Sarthe. You name it, we race it.

- Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for years, everyone is welcome! There is always room for improvement and we are happy to help each other and everyone else become a better driver... because in the end, it helps us get better too.

- Room settings are tailored to provide great opportunities for close racing but able to showcase your skills, this includes:
1. Boost = strong
2. slipstream strength = weak
3. BOP = on
4. grip off-track = real
5. Grid starts are reversed based on previous race results
6. Allow Tuning
This is what we've found to consistently provide great races. There have been some who disagree with boost being on, but here is our thinking... boost allows everyone to benefit. It allows everyone to be put in situations that they are not comfortable with and improve. It's also forgiving for drivers who may have been wrecked early in the race and gives them the opportunity to salvage the race.

- Everyone is expected to race clean and with respect. We are all for good door-to-door racing (some contact is inevitable) but when that is taken advantage of... policing may be necessary. We try our best to make sure everyone gets a fair swing at a good race, but for times when we may not see an incident happen we hope everyone holds each other accountable as well as yourself.

For anyone interested, feel free to hop in the lobby. we are open to recruiting new members who enjoy racing with us and want to race with us more. If you want, you can send either myself (ratchet2448) or Greyfox630 a message. You can also check out greyfox's youtube channel (TLN Greyfox630) to see some of the great races we've had recently.

I look forward to seeing you guys on the track!
United States
United States
For those wanting a preview, here is a compilation/montage/highlight reel I put together of some of my favorite moments from our sunday cup events from the past year or so.