TM t300rs cooling mod (advice needed)

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    It seems that the bearings of the fan on my TM t300rs are starting to fail. I still have warranty on my wheel, yet I don't get overflown with joy to have the fan replaced under warranty for the same, commonly failling, piece of hardware. Not to say to have to ship my wheel somewhere and be without for a few weeks.

    So that's when I found and .
    Loving the idea of installing multiple fans while I'm at it to combat the loss of FFB when the motor heats up is an added bonus.

    The mod above was done using 4 USB-fans and a USB-hub. Using an external powersource sure clears from frying any electrics on the inside.
    My plan is to draw power from the inside of the wheel, and thus not having to wire another cable into my setup. And this is the part of my plan I need your help with and opinions, to avoid frying any electrics.

    The original fan, just for reference: Chiefly CC 6015S12M: 12V, 0.25A, 2.88W (60x60x15)(as specified by manufacturer)
    link for specsheet:
    I'll be replacing this one with the commonly used: Noctua NF-A6x25FLX: 12V, 0.12A, 1.44W (60x60x25)
    The Noctua fan should come with a connecting cable from 3-pin to 2-pin. So replacing should be plug-and-play here.

    Left and right I'd like to install atleast 1 fan, an air-intake on the left and on the right the exhaust, so the air get drawn trough. These won't be able to get the same airflow as the bigger one in the middle, but should be able to get rid of the
    For these two fans I'll be opting for Noctua NF-A4x10FLX: 12V, 0.05A, 0.6W (40x40x10)
    They do have an airflow that is considerably lower than the bigger Noctua NF-A6x25FLX. But atleast cold air gets in and hot air get out at a higher rate than normal.
    To wire this lot together I was thinking of using a connector cable that can connect 4x 3-pin jacks to 1 plug.
    The cable will then be connected to the, earlier mentioned, 3-pin to 2-pin connector that comes with the Noctua NF-A6x25FLX.

    Using this setup I will, theoretically, be packing 0.22A and 2.64W on the connector.
    Am I missing out on something and would this be a manageable setup?
    Would it even be possible to fit an extra fan to the exhaust-side, since one of the 3-pin connectors is still open, in order to get more hot air out? thus making it 0.27A and 3.24W.
    What would be the maximum Amps and Watts to pack on the fan-connector?
    And would it even be possible to stack cables like the 3 to 2 pin adapter and the 1x3 to 4x3 adapter cable?

    Just to be clear, I have no electrical background. So please do say when my calculations are off.

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    You know the answer, also you will void your warranty. Just send it off when it breaks, they are fast at doing rma’s.
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    Just replace the fan while it's under warranty. After the end of it think about installing an aftermarket. One quality fan is enough. The noctua fan while pushing less air its still sufficient, and much quieter and will last significantly longer. Yet there are other fans with same specs, doesn't hurt to search a bit for similar specs to the noctua.

    There is absolutely no need to add more fans. Just run forced cooling and you will be fine. More than 25 bases that I refurbished have lasted the greek hot summer.
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