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    Hey guys! comeon5 from XBOX on ///k/// power. Wanting to answer questions we have received:

    Q: Why are there only 3 tunes up?
    A: The 190E, 240SX, and Cont. SS are up because they are truly finished and are approved for use. The other 9 are being worked on, including Ford GT, CTS-V '09, Supra, Gremlin, Veyron, V12 Vant., Miura '06, 599 GTO, and the Cooper S.

    Q: The description is short and does not list the specs. Why?
    A: Specs can be founed on in some of the posts.

    Q: The price is over 3,000 CR on the 190E. I can't afford that. Why so espensive?
    A: Not to argue, but we can charge up to 15,000 CR for some, and the Veyron is one. Not really expensive when better logic is applied. Also, for what you get, it should be more. You get Pure Performance.

    This should clear up any questions. PM on Live or with any other questions. You can also reach me here: