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G'day ladies and lads! It's pleasure to meet You all! I've finally maked account here for one purpose - to announce You everybody that today (3rd May) is 15th Annivessary of US and Europe release of Enthusia Professional Racing - legendary and sadly forgotten even by company (Konami) one of greatest simracing games ever made.

For me it is a special day - besides today is my country Constitution Day exactly 15 years ago (plus couple days) my dad byued for me and my sis PS2 with five games and Enthusia was one of 'em - I still remeber driving R390GT1 (because it looks so fast:D) around Tsukuba Circuit for the first time like it was yesterday. Next thing done that day was a first DR mission in Smart on Ocean Bridge finished with rank B IIRC. Those were really good times. Today DR was been cleared (by me - not some cheating device) for fully S, I've got unlocked nearly all tracks (some of reverse variations still waiting) for Free Racing and Time Trial mode. And ofc cars - full garage of 211 (IMO) legendary machines. That's about me.

So how 'bout You? What was Yours first impression about this piece of art?

Fun useless fact about game: Most of Enthusia developer team was working for Namco before (Ridge Racer 4 and V plus Tekken 3, 4 and TT).

Fun useless fact about me: I've been played Enthusia before any Gran Turismo game.

And again nice to meet You everybody.
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tis incredible to me despite I'll never grasp the campaign progression mechanics (I've probably put like a half-hour in it before I get stumped), but the physics rallies the brake lightings the original tunes are quite stellar!