Tokyo R246 – Enduro - The Write-up

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    Tokyo R246 – Endurance race

    I’m attempting this in “Big Blue” the Calsonic Skyline. I Found the Stage 2 Turbo (already installed) is too much and having no turbo, is not enough. So I’ll have to spend the 5,000cr to get a Stage 1 turbo. Modify the settings from Laguna Seca, and give it a run.

    If It’s not listed, I left it stock.
    Ride height: F = 51; R = 55
    Camber: F = 3.1
    Brakes: F= 20; R = 24
    Gears: Auto Setting = level 27
    Down force: F= 0.66; R = 0.96
    ASM = 0; TCS = 1

    With these settings I was able to take the pole position with a 1’37.017, 0.818 seconds faster than the Mugen NSX. I was also able to surmise that I was looking at a 7 or 8 lap pit schedule. This will be a key factor as I have to run very clean laps. Any wall bumps, and the Mugen will be all over me, eliminating any gain the tire change will afford.

    First Qualifying Attempt:
    I ran 11 laps, and decided to stop. My main competition, the Mugen NSX, was on an 8 lap pit schedule, and I was looking at a 13 lap schedule. At the 11 lap point, I was already leading by 28 seconds. And gaining about 2 seconds each lap. This would mean I would lap the second place car nearly twice. It’s bad enough to race over two hours to finish this race, but to do it racing against the clock was too much. I’ll restart, without the Turbo, and running on medium tires. Run a few laps, and see what times I can post. Also the Down force was set too high, and the gearing needed to be tweaked.

    Second Qualifying Attempt:
    After 5 laps of qualifying, I found that running medium tires would put me at a 6 lap pit schedule. However I was losing about a second each lap to the Mugen NSX. Therefore, I could run it without the Turbo, but with the T3 tires. And that should set the stage for a good 100 lap race. A Slight tweak of the gear is necessary, as 5th and 6th need a bit more acceleration.

    Final Qualifying attempt:
    Tweaked Final Drive to 3.500; Downforce = 0.91/1.17. I am now facing the Raybrig NSX. This these tweaks I managed to place third in the starting grid (1.474seconds off the pole). The Mugen NSX and the Raybrig were ahead of me. I’m running on T3 tires, without Stage 1 turbo. Very near stock configuration. After 62 laps, I figured out that I was going to lose by about 30 seconds. I just wasn’t powerful enough to keep with the Raybrig or the Castrol Mugen.

    Very odd in that I spent extensive amounts testing against the Castrol Mugen, and always managed to get slightly ahead. I’ll have to run this with the stage 1 turbo installed, and eventually lap the competition. I figure in stock configuration I was about 25 Hp shy of winning this race. Had I come up with the extra boost, I would be writing an epilogue instead of an additional chapter.

    Some speculation…I was running slightly over a 1’40.000 average. I really needed to be in the 1’39.100 range to have a shot at winning. If I had gone with harder tires, I would likely have lessened my pit stops by two, consequently adding another 1.5 seconds to each lap, thus negating any advantage. I’ll simply have to run this with a stronger turbo.

    Anticipated Pit schedule:
    Me: 12, 25, 38, 52, 65, 78, 91
    Raybrig NSX: every 7 laps:
    Castrol Mugen NSX: every 8 laps
    Castrol Tom’s Supra: 21, 42,
    Pennzoil Nismo: 25, 50, 75
    Loctite Zexel: 31, 62, 93

    Final Run:
    Having already driven more laps around this track/car combo, I’m ready for this to be over. Calsonic Skyline, Stage 1 turbo, with T3 Tires, skipped qualifying, and I started from the bottom of the grid.

    Pit schedule:
    Me: 11, 22, 33, 44, 56 (12 laps), 67, 78 and 89
    Raybrig NSX: every 7 laps
    Denso Sard Supra: every 15 laps
    Arta NSX: every 16 laps
    Pennzoil Nismo: every 25 laps
    Loctite Zexel: 31, 62, and 93

    Raybrig NSX: + 4 laps
    Castrol Mugen NSX: + 4 laps
    Denso Sard Supra: + 4 laps
    Pennzoil Nismo: + 5 laps
    Loctite Zexel: + 6 laps

    Best lap: 1’32.797
    Total Time: 161’40.496
    Average lap: 1'37.005

    I hit lap traffic on lap 17. Zexel and Pennzoil, down one lap and within seconds of each other. By the pit stop on lap 22, I had lapped the entire field. While in the pit the Arta NSX, and the Denso Sard went back onto the lead lap. By lap 24 I had once again passed them both.
    My oil light came on right at the beginning of lap 60. Prior to this I was running laps in the low 1’33 range. By the end of the race, I could manage a mid 1’37.XXX lap due to the HP loss. I was at 625hp before the start and at the end of the race, I was at 595hp.

    I walk away with 400,000cr and a green RX-7 LM car. Which I’ll use to run around the last endurance race…Cote D’Azur

    Note of inconsequence:
    Replay save complete on lap 69.

  2. ving


    why were they so many laps down???

    at the begining of the read i was expecting a close race.

    nice write-up tho :)
  3. Der Alta

    Der Alta Staff Emeritus


    I spent near 4 hours trying to prepare for a close race, attempting to tweak the car to it's max and still be in-tune with the track. If I was able to turn perfect laps everytime, I would have been able to win with no turbo installed.

    However, 100 perfect laps in a row, would require more coffee, and concentration than I had available. Read the Final run: paragraph, and it gives that I ran it with the Stage 1 Turbo installed.

    Although now I'm second guessing myself as to wether it was stage 1 or stage 2 turbo. I'm 97% certain that it was stage 1 turbo.

    If anyone's at their PS2 and has the Calsonic, can they confirm a fast lap near 1'32? I'll double check tonight and see what I can run.

    I was really looking for a close race, and was sorely disappointed when I couldn't do it. As for the first 60 lap race that I ran, I specifically remember 3 hard wall slams that took about 10 seconds each off my time. That was the win margin.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this race can be won with a Stock Calslonic, having nothing more than an oil change and T3 tires. It just has to be an amazingly clean 100 laps.

  4. gtfreak2


    Dude just use an F1 it will make your life easier
  5. Der Alta

    Der Alta Staff Emeritus


    I hate to waste key strokes, but i will just for you.

    I could have used an F1. This being my third trip through the game, I have used one before. F094/H if I recall correctly. It was fun, but not as enjoyable as this race was. Why spend 2 hours and ten minutes racing around Tokyo in and F1, doing nothing more than trying to beat the clock. If you figure on that, why have 5 other cars to race against?

    Some of us like to enjoy the game on a more competitive level. That's why I write these. So other people out there can judge their times against mine, and run a close race.

    If another person isn't sure they can do it in the Arta NSX, they can compare their times to mine, and have a little more confidence in winning.

    To echo many statements on this forum, there are at least 174 other cars in this game, besides the 6 F1's. Why not try one?

  6. Duke

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    United States
    Dude some people actually like to win races not just beat the game.
  7. 12sec. Civic

    12sec. Civic

    You are such a sweet car/racing enthusiast. I love the way you take on these enduros like it was race day and the whole world is watching. I however dont have the balls to take a car that I am not sure I will win with. If I am racing JGTC I use LM If I am racing LM I use a GT1 style, if Im racing GT1 i will use F1
  8. emwavey


    " however dont have the balls to take a car that I am not sure I will win with."

    Why do you need balls to race in a computer sim? So what if you loose? That's the only way you'll learn how to be a better 'driver'.

    I'd much rather have to struggle to win then to know I'm going to win... don't you know it's the journey that counts? ;)

  9. Duke

    Duke Staff Emeritus

    United States
    A noble sentiment, and welcome to GTP, emwavey. Der Alta and I agree!
  10. Drifta


    I feel that a close race and a tight win is better than any 10 lap win.;)
  11. Bollocks#999


    I wholeheartedly agree :tup:
  12. Drifta


    anyone can get into a f1 and race the enduro's for the money but thats not the point of the game. To appreciate the drive you have to be fighting for positon all the time or ur just racing against he clock.
  13. tm2003


    awesome write up der alta. have u got a carrer in novelism or reporting on races on t.v
  14. Elrisen


    I drove this race in a Motor Sport Elise (fully tuned), and I lost the race on the the final lap. I ran it the next day and won by 35 sec. It felt like the Elise took the hp-loss bad, and I lost time the last 30 rounds, but it was a fun race.
  15. :focus-


    I agree 100%, but personally I don't have the right temperament to race for an hour or whatever to lose...and this being my first trip through the game I'd rather just finish the races.
    That being said however, I don't enter an F1 car into every race, I always make sure my car doesn't seem out of place with the rest of the field...
  16. Gil

    Gil Premium

    In the other thread about this, you will note that I've tested a dozen or more cars for this race in order to be competitive, but not slaughter the competition.
    I went thru the game the first time on the merits of the F090. Mercifully, my 13-year old did a restart of GT3 on that card.
    I'm still hoping to find 3 free hours to run this.:lol:
    But I have SEVERAL real contenders for this. The GT-40 racer and Road car, The Silvia. I may have to check all the memory cards to see if I have the MR-S racer. And one other car that, I think can win, but I don't know if I have the ability to put down enough good laps to be competitive in it.