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    I bought Ferrari challenge a long time ago. I haven't even played it a few hrs. It's waaaaaaaaay too hard. I wish I knew how to make it easier but there's like no aids I think and the ai drives perfect and far too fast. I don't get it.

    I wanna like it and play it, but I don't know how.
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    Just do some practice laps. There are aids iirc. As for the A.I, I don't think they're too hard. Actually the opposite. There pace can be ok if they're out on their own, but if you are anywhere near them, they tend to brake very early, making overtaking a piece of cake. They do tend to move in front of you at the last minute, causing you to hit them. As a result they slow down... Very strange A.I programming...

    I agree that the main fault was locking most tracks to begin with. It throws you in at the deep end in challenge mode when you have limited time to practice tracks you've never seen before. Youtube can help give you an idea of the tracks if you really need it.
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    It seems corner speed sucks and I just suck in general. Ai seems incredibly me never going to win hard. :(

    But yes. I don't know how to drive. Usually if something is too hard to begin with I give up. I don't practice much for lack of patience and I just prefer easy.
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    I had the same feelings of it being too hard.
    I later used all the abs etc aids to do what I don't do in GT. That is "cheat" .
    I finally began to figure out the game and thought I might even Platinum this baby. Remember that during the trophy section of the game the first race is sometimes seemingly impossible. The following 2 races are so easy and then you get the trophy. I ran into a wall eventually with the last 2 trophy events. Remember you can quit game using the ps button in races 2 and 3 of most events and re-enter them with you first hard race already done. Try to get at least 4th in the first race then you beat the points race to get the gold at the end of each 3 race series. The same goes for the challenge series. always settle for gold only and if you know you have lost the race push the ps button before the race ends. You can do this in all but the arcade mode ... which is too bad for a sucky driver like me. No platinum for me I guess.
  5. Is this the famous AM2's Ferrari F355 Challenge? Or I should say, infamous! I heard a lot of real ferrari racers bought the arcade cabinet to practice on. Apparently, the driving physics was pretty SPOT on. I remember reading that PD's Kazunori Yamauchi's goal was to get GT5's car to feel like Ferrari's driving physics engine. Obviously they're not gonna copy Ferrari's collision physics :D
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    Nope, they're talking about System 3's game. I have Ferrari F55 Challenge and it is fantastic, better in the arcade of course but it is a fantastic console port. I wish they'd remake that game for the PS3/360.

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    Too hard. LOLz. Go back to burnout bro.

    If you think this is too hard, I'd like to see you try netkar pro, in the formula 1600 or any car in richard burns rally. You're reaction would be priceless
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