TOP 100 fastest street legal cars of GT Sport (all 100 cars disclosed)

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    Alex p.


    Sooo, all 100 cars are finally disclosed. I also added:

    - I cut all 100 top cars in one lap around the Nordschleife (~7min). Good for those, who do not want to watch the 100 hot laps individually. Here it is:

    - For those interested, I also did a top 100 fastest cars in a straight line:

    - @XSquareStickIt asked me to maybe do a personal top 10 of the cars (ordered by personal preference). I put some thought into it and came up with this (it was really difficult to pin it down to 10 btw. :boggled: and I chose the cars preferably for their fun/good handling):

    1. Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01: Kinda the perfect car to me. Handling is just too good. Not to fast, not to slow. Nice design and sound too.

    2. Porsche 911 Turbo (930) '81: Again it's the handling. Yes it is the widowmaker, but a really fun one at that, given you can tame it.

    3. McLaren F1 '94: The first ever hypercar. Timeless design, absolutely super cool looking doors (when opened), gold on the engine, great sound and for its time basically impossible performance figures. This will always be the supercar/hypercar for me, and the fact, that it comes from the 90s (best era for cars and many other things like music imo), does help manifest my point further.

    4. Lamborghini Diablo GT '00: Admittedly, while it's not a bad handling car, there are MUCH better ones. So why so high up the order? Well, I love me some 90s supercars, am a Lambo fan, and just ADORE all Diablo models design wise. To me, they are the most exciting looking car models, I just love 'em!

    5. Honda NSX Type R '92: One of Japan's first supercars, at least that's what BestMotoring tried to make us believe. We all know it's not a true supercar. I always found it rediculous, that the JDM cars were often winning against all sorts of Ferraris, Lambos and Porsches, driven by Japanese drivers on a tight, Japanese track...seems legit. :rolleyes: Anyway...the NSX is nonetheless a phenomal car with really fun and great handling, awesome sound and an also somewhat timeless design. Oh and Ayrton Senna helped developping it, so that should explain a lot.

    6. Nissan Skyline R33 '97: I was just surprised how fun this car is. It can be super slidey and drifty, but at the same time not lose any time while doing the slides and drifts.

    7. Dodge Viper GTS '02: I always liked this car. The design is just amazing and at least as impressive is its handling. It's an American 400+hp, rear-wheel drive supercar from the 90s, and yet to me, it is one the best supercars of all time. I don't know why, but I just love the way in handles.

    8. Honda S2000 '99: Superbly fun car. Likes to drift, revs high and sounds awesome! And imo features also a timeless design. Beautiful thing.

    9. Lexus RC F '14: I knew absolutely nothing about this car. Then I drove it and could not believe how phenomenal its handling is. It feels like it really grips.

    10. Toyota MR2 GT-S '97: Maybe somewhat similar to the S2000 handling wise, but definatly still quite a lot more slidy and unstable but very, very fun at that. It also, just like the S2000, sounds pretty great.


    Hey guys,
    so yeah, I tested well over 100 cars on the Nordschleife and thought it would be a fun idea to make and disclose the top 100 fastest road cars list. I also did a similar thread back then for GT5. Over the next 26 days I'll disclose all 100 cars, obviously starting with the slowest.

    During the first 18 days I'll disclose 5 cars each day. After that we'll enter the top 10 and I'll continue to disclose 1 car each day for 7 days, and on the last day I'll disclose the top 3. I'll also add a little, short "review" to each car.

    This thread is just meant to be a fun "guessing game" (which car comes next?) and simply a discussion platform regarding the order of the cars/their speed, and if and where you have been surprised and/or disappointed by this and that car, etc. :)

    Please don't spoil yourselfes the fun by looking through my YT channel, but rather visit this thread from time to time (or each day) for the next 26 days to find out where each car landed :)

    I tested all cars STOCK with sports hard tyres, without tcs or stability control, but with default ABS settings. I drove the laps with a Thrustmaster T-GT.

    I'm really looking forward to your input! :)

    So here goes, let us start today (15.06.2020) with the places 100-96!

    100. Toyota SUPRA 3.0 GT '89: 08.19.729

    It's okay I guess, but slower than the E-Type...

    99. Jaguar E-Type Coupe '61: 08.18.646
    Crazy fast considering its age.

    98. Audi TT Coupe 3.2 quattro '03: 08.18.454

    I didn't expect such a quick lap time from this one. I always thought it was a little turtle, but nope, it's a quicky!

    97. Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo '91: 08.15.381
    I have been pretty much exactly one second slower in this one, than in the Lancer IV. That said, obviously this is one of the slowest JDMs. The weight this thing has, makes itself very apparent. No car was being pushed off the track by its weight as much as this one, that's for sure. Also, its gear ratios are really not well suited for the Nordschleife. Nonetheless, the car is very, very planted and thus very easy to drive and move at the limit. It can get very tricky to bring it to a halt from higher speeds though, as it gets rather unstable. Also it sounds rather nice and looks very good, in my opinion.

    96. Ferrari Dino 246 GT '71: 08.14.700
    Well it's not very easy to control at the limit in my opinion. Can be very tricky. Other than that I really enjoyed the ride. It certainly looks and sounds nice too. And obviously it's very fast considering its hp. Well it's a Ferrari after all...


    95. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR '96: 08.14.338
    Probably one of the the most dissapointing cars I have tested. It's really slow speed wise and has shockingly bad stability and cornering ability considering it's AWD. I do love its looks though.

    94. Renault Sport Clio V6 24V '00: 08.13.108
    Fun little hatchback. Can be a little tricky to move at the limit. Considering the specs, it really did quite the impressive time. I like it.

    93. Ford Focus ST '15: 08.12.983
    I was more than surprised by its speed/lap time. Like wow, it's actually quicker, than a Mitsubishi GTO!

    92. Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '69: 08.12.659
    Much, much faster, than I expected it to be. Still quite a bit slower, than the mighty GT350 though. I really liked its handling characteristics and also really like the looks of it. Fun muscle car.

    91. Chevrolet Corvette C3 '69: 08.11.892
    A well balanced, old American muscle car. I like it.


    90. Toyota MR2 GT-S '97: 08.10.169

    Great Japanese sports car. Surprisingly fast considering its HP and age. Is greatly fun to drive.

    89. Renault Megane R.S. Trophy '11: 08.10.063
    This one is seriously fast! Really nice French family hatch-back. Has also great driving mechanics!

    88. Lancia Stratos '73: 08.09.077

    I must say I'm pretty pleased with my lap, but there are still some seconds left to get. Problem is: it's really just SO easy to leave time on the track. The tiniest steering mistake in a long turn and you basically lost a second, because this car has this wierd tendency to lose much speed for the next straight. With other cars it's mostly 2-3 tenths of a second. Other than that it was much, much faster around the course than I expected it to be. And you can really have fun with it, because of its slidy and drifty nature.

    87. Chevrolet Corvette C2 '63: 08.08.903
    This one is definatly not very well balanced. Drives like a bathtub too. I mean it is really so damned twichy at the limit. Not very pleasant to drive.

    86. Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX TwinTurbo 2seater (Z32) '89: 08.08.873
    'Twas a little slower, than expected. Drives rather well, although it can be a little twitchy. I do love its looks though.


    85. Ferrari Berlinetta 250GT '61: 08.08.589

    Well, it's very twitchy (especially under braking), floaty and slidy. Not easy to move at the limit at all. Feels like a driveable bathtub. Question is: Even considering its classy and somewhat timeless design: is it worth the 12,5 mil? Answer: Nah. Impressive time nonetheless, especially considering its low top speed of 210 km/h.

    84. Honda S2000 '99: 08.08.538

    It's basically just as fast as the 300ZX. Expected it to be a little faster, but considering its hp, it did rather well. The fun factor is quite big though. :) You can throw it into corners and easily pull of some nice drifts.

    83. Tesla Model S Signature Performance '12: 08.07.686

    Yeah it's heavy, but considering its power its lap time is really dissapointing. The acceleratrion isn't too bad but that top speed... Also it's pretty unstable, especially under braking.

    82. Toyota Crown Athelete G '13: 08.05.959

    Yep, feels heavy. But does also feel good. Has good brakes and a great driving feel. Can be a tad slidy and oversteery, but in a good way. Great car.

    81. Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX Type R STi Version VI '99: 08.05.354

    About 3 seconds faster than the S2000 and about 5 seconds slower than the 22B. Interesting. Basically there, where I expected it to be. It is slightly faster in a straight line, than the S2000, which gives it its slight edge. Well it definatly is very nice to drive (as all Imprezas are), because it is quite planted but can still be thrown around a little. I also like its looks very much. Nice drive.


    80. Honda Civic Type R '15: 08.04.847
    For a FWD it's pretty damned fast. I liked it.

    79. Subaru Impreza 22B-STi Version '98: 08.03.168
    A little slower on the straight, than expected. Other than that it has obviously massive amounts of grip. Drives like a dream and I believe you can feel its rally genes a little.

    78. Shelby G.T.350 '65: 08.01.928
    No wonder it is mostly considered as the best classic American muscle car, because it truly is. Great acceleration, handling and stability. Its top speed isn't too bad (slightly over 220 km/h). It can certainly go sub 8 minutes around the Norschleife, so basically just as fast as all the 90s Japanese sports cars, and that's just remarkable!

    77. Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track '13: 08.01.368

    This car feels reeeeaally heavy, much heavier than it actually is. Not the best drivers car imo, but a good competitor to many Japanese sports cars. Though it's much more difficult to control at the limit.

    76. Mitsubishi Lancer X Final Version: 08.01.181
    Very, very stable car. Quite impressive what modern cars can do today regarding this quality.


    75. Subaru WRX Type S '14: 8.00.667
    Even more stable than the Lancer X. This car is on rails.

    74. Alpine A110 Premiere Edition '17: 8.00.661
    What a great, little sports car and what a comeback! Feels great to drive, very drifty and fun!

    73. Mazda RX7 '02: 07.59.776
    A bit faster than I thought it would be, especially speed wise. Quite a bit harder to control than the rest of the Japanese sports cars though.

    72. Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition '14: 07.59.634
    This was by far the biggest surpirse to me! This is an N200 class I need to say more?

    71. Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG 4MATIC '13: 7.59.259
    Thought it would be slightly faster, but not bad overall.


    70. Nissan Skyline R32 '94: 07.58.669

    Great car. Pretty fast and you can really throw it around corners, feels like a RWD in some moments. Love its looks and sound too.

    69. Honda NSX Type R '92: 07.58.657
    Beautiful design, great sound, awesome handling (co-developed with the one and only Ayrton Senna). Just an amazing car and also really, really fun to drive.

    68. Nissan Fairlady Z Version S (Z33) '07: 07:58.255

    Made a little mistake just before the last right hand corner. Could have easily been a and with this better than all the other Japanse sport cars with ~300hp, except the allmighty Skyline R34 from the 2000s. Great, great car this. What a joy to drive. Just excellent!

    67. Nissan Skyline R33 '97: 07.58.128
    Handling wise it's very similar to the R32, but even more drifty, which I love. I took an entire long corner by drift, and didn't lose any time. Just fun.

    66. Toyota SUPRA RZ '97: 07.58.107
    Yep it's really fast but also harder to control than most of the other Japanese.


    65. DE TOMASO Pantera '71: 07.55.850

    How can such an old car with this power to weight ratio be so quick?! Also, it has ASTONISHING stability, considering it is rear wheel drive and so old. Just fantastic.

    64. Porsche 911 Turbo (930) '81: 07.55.444
    Well, this might be the most fun I had yet with a sports car on the Nordschleife. What a perfect match it seems really. It really likes to drift, while losing very little speed doing so, if any. The handling is super, super fun and challenging at the same time, because yes, it can be rather snappy.

    63. Audi TTS Coupe '14: 07.55.368

    This thing is faster than all Japanese sports cars from the 90s, except the R34 (and that one released in the 2K's).

    62. BMW M3 (E46) '03: 07.53.696

    Finally in GT again. Great car. Awesome looks, good sound, fast and good handling. I would characterize its handling as rather light, drifty and a little bit indirect actually. The brakes seem to be rather weak too. I guess I am a tiny bit disappointed even. Did the car still do an impressive time, considering its specs?

    61. Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nür (R34) '02: 07.53.002

    The king of the Japanese sports car (together with the NSX :p). I was not dissapointed with it for sure. Looks, sound, handling, all great!


    60. Porsche 911 Carrera RS CS (993) '95: 07.52.050

    At first I was really disappointed. It felt far too "floaty". But once I got the hang out of it, it was a very "intuitive" and "fluid" experience and drive. Wonderful car with great desing, great sound and great handling. Love it.

    59. Ford Mustang GT '15: 07:49.948
    Expected it to be about this "fast". Has even lower top speed than the Maserati GT. I really like how it looks and it's rather fun to drive. Very drifty. The fun kind of drifty.

    58. BMW M3 '07: 07.47.626

    The only thing this car is missing is speed (especially acceleration). Other than that, it's perfect. It's just unbelievable how a RWD car can be so stable and when this thing grips, it GRIPS. I also looooove its looks.

    57. Aston Martin V8 Vantage S '15: 7.46.472
    Mr. Bonds car. Looks nice, sounds nice. Drives rather well. Actually quite a bit better than I anticipated. The top speed is disappointingly low though. I still enjoyed the ride.

    56. BMW Z8 '01: 07:45.922
    Feels like a German muscle car. Really fun drive. Great car.


    55. Lexus LC500 '17: 07:45.903

    To me one of the most beautiful cars in GTS and of recent times in general. Feels heavy, but at the same time also surprisingly nimble.

    54. Toyota GR Supra RZ '19: 07.45.686

    Initially I was quite annoyed by its driving mechanics, but you really need to get used to it, and once that happens, it becomes a really fun ride. It's quite the slidy thing but that said: some nice drifts are easy to do! I believe it's because of the recent physics update but man, the lap time is much faster, than I anticipated it to be! Although, the chief engineer of Toyota claimed it can lap the Nordschleife in 7:40mins. I guess he had drifferent tyres than the sports hards of GTS in mind though. :p

    53. Maserati Gran Turismo S '08: 7.45.214

    I absolutely love how it looks. Both the end and the front. It also sounds really nice. Its high weight helps it to produce great stability and thus handling. I really, really liked driving it, very easy to drive at the limit. Also it was faster than I imagined. Slightly faster than the V8 Vantage and even the old M3 from 2007. Its top speed is the lowest of all the N400 cars probably though (except the Challenger). Well yeah I mean two seconds on the Nordschleife aren't the big difference and my M3 lap could possibly be faster, but still, this car here did really impress me.

    52. Ferrari 512BB '76: 07.44.446

    Very hard to move at the limit, very floaty, snappy and wild.

    51. Chevrolet Camaro SS '16: 07:43.276

    Quite a bit faster than expected. Looks cool. Drives really, really well, except the slighty pronounced snap-oversteer. Really enjoyed the ride.


    50. Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01: 07:42.716

    Just an incredible car. Its stability and handling seem rather impossible. An absolute joy to drive!

    49. Ferrari 365 GTB4 '71: 07.42.522

    What a great car! Almost reminds me of the 930 Porsche. Looks good considering its age, sounds great, handles very nicely and is really fast!

    48. TVR Tuscan Speed 6 '00: 07:40.937
    Wow now this is a handfull. Really likes to slide. Once you get the hang out of it though, it becomes a really enjoyable driving experience. You can easely throttle-drift this thing around corners, so fun! Also you can take corners with very high speeds and the thing is very very speedy. Great and exciting drive!

    47. Audi R8 '07: 07.40.463
    I absolutely LOVED this car in GT5. It DESTROYED cars with similar HP. In GTS it does that not quite so effortlesly, but still quite much. It's suuuuper stable but just like the M3, it really does lack speed. Not that I would consider those cars slow relative to their HP, but they aren't really speedy either.

    46. Lexus RC F '14: 07:40.272
    Great car. It feels like it's pushing its claws into the road, that's how grippy it feels.


    45. Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary '88: 07.39.862
    Man I love its iconic desing. It is also much easier to drive than the L400 model, and is weirdly slower around the track. It definetly also sounds really nice and is quite the joy to drive, except the rather pronounced understeer. Love this car.

    44. Toyota GR Supra RZ '20: 07.38.895

    A really, really fun car to drive. Likes to go side-ways and likes to drift. Is also quite the substantial improvement to the '19 model.

    43. Lamborghini Countach LP 400 '74: 07.36.733
    This car is INSANE! I thought the 512BB was hard to drive at the limit, hooo boy was I wrong! T'was a wild lap, so much I can tell! The Countach is the very definition of floaty and oversteery. I didn't manage a single clean lap in 2h. My wrist hurts. But it was fun. I still love it because Lamborghini is my favourite car manufacturer. The desing of this thing is timeless, the sound is amazing, such a classic!

    42. Chevrolet Corvette C7 '14: 07:36.439

    Greatly balanced car. Has a really pleasant soft and floaty driving feel to it. The looks are also very nice. I really, really like this car.

    41. BMW M4'14: 07.36.132

    At first this car seemed rather unstable but once you get the hang out of it, it's pretty fun and rather easy to drive. You can easily throttle-steer that thing around tight corners. Just beautiful. The looks are certainly quite nice too. It really surprised me just how much quicker it was than its predessesor M3 from 2007.


    40. Lamborghini Miura '66: 07.35.691
    Just as all the other old models like the Berlinetta, 512BB, or Countach, this one is also slidy, twitchy and floaty, but probably still the most "behaved". *behave Austin powers gif* Great design imo and really, really fast this thing. Like it quite a lot. Worth the 15 mil? Hm, if you care about prestige and rare value, etc., then yes I guess.

    39. Shelby Cobra 427 '66: 07.35.494
    The only bad thing about this car is its very low top speed (240 km/h). Aside from that it is absolutely awesome. Lovely design, great handling and incredible acceleration! With normal top speed it could go around the Nordschleife in under 07:30 easily.

    38. Dodge Viper GTS '02: 07.35.133

    Man I just LOVE this car! The handling is absolutely amazing! It's like it is throwing itself into the corners without spinning, sliding or even losing any speed. In fact its corner speeds are really, REALLY impressive! The engineeres did a fantastic job here! Also it seems to have very nice brakes. For now it is my best driving car. And the looks man! What a sexy looking car. Also the under braking lit up Viper symbol at the back is such a cool detail! One of my favourite cars of all time.

    37. Ferrari GTO '84: 07.32.875

    Wild car. Quite hard to move at the limit, but still MUCH easier to control than the Countach, 512BB or even the X-BOW. I love its desing, its sound, it is fun to drive and it is faaaast. Verdict: I love this car.

    36. Porsche 911 GT3 (997) '09: 07.32.508
    My third time testing this car. Made a mistake and was still able to improve my own time. For now I'm quite happy with it. The car also drives much better than I remember it doing. Very well balanced car, great looks, great top speed, handling, everything. Really a joy to drive.


    35. X-BOW R'12: 07.30.678
    Oh boy what an insane car. My wrist is hurting. That thing has sooo much cornering speed. But is also extremely hard to move at the limit. It can even achieve times or even better, which is insane to me.

    34. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat '15: 07.30.628
    Surprisingly fun and fast.

    33. Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS '15: 07.29.335
    What an amazing car! Really fast and really fun to drive. Quite easy to move at the limit too.

    32. Dodge Viper SRT 10 '06: 07.29.109
    How is this car so good?! Incredible handling and stability. Great accelaration and top speed. Great looks. Great sound. But really, man this thing handles like a dream!

    31. Jaguar F-type R '14: 07.28.843
    A little bit faster than I expected it to be. Drives quite nicely. Looks and sounds really good. I liked it.


    30. Ford GT40 Mark I '66: 07.27.534
    The GT40 is realistically about 3-4 seconds slower than the F50!, while being 29 years older, and having about 160hp less (yes it's also much lighter, but still). An absolute joy to drive, just an amazing machine!

    29. Honda NSX '17: 07.26.834
    Initially I was quite disappointed with it but once you get the hang out of it, it becomes a really fun, slidy, drifty and enjoyable drive! So yeah it's still quite fast and looks awesome.

    28. Aston Martin DB11 '16: 07.25.728
    Quite floaty and indirect. Very impressive nonetheless, considerung its weight. Nice car.

    27. Lamborghini Diablo GT '00: 07.24.925
    My favourite car in GTS. I absolutely adore all Diablo models design wise. This one feels heavy but at the same time it's surprisingly nimble if you know how to handle it. Still, it's crazy fast in a straight line and also corners pretty well. The sound is absolutely amazing by the way.

    26. Ferrari F50 '95: 07.24.867
    What can I say? I looooooove its looks. SO sexy, just pure beatuy. The sound is wonderful too. Imo it's pretty wild, but VERY rewarding once you tame it. I just love it.


    25. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren '09: 07.24.080
    My lap wasn't the best, but still quite fast. So yeah, the car is quite impressive. Has great looks and is very easy to drive. It really doesn't like to drift though.

    24. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Package '18: 07.23.642
    This thing certainly needs its aero parts. Man, what a handful. Very loose and slidy, but still very fun and rewarding, when you "tame" it. Still a few seconds to squeeze out of that monster.

    23. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG '10: 07.23.195

    Pretty oversteery with some pronounced snap-oversteer. Drives still rather well and is quite a bit faster than expected.

    22. Ford GT '06: 07.22.984
    What a great car! Impressive straight line speed, great design, nice sound and awesome handling. Really enjoyed it.

    21. Nissan GT-R '17: 07.22.512

    Well, well. This thing is quite amazing! Incredible grip and handling, nice sound, sexy looks and quite fast in a straight line. Great car overall.


    20. Porsche Taycan Turbo S '19: 07.21.145

    I was on a sub-20 flyer, but messed it up. Well, a 07.21.145 is still an incredible time for such a car. I was very much surprised at what this thing could do cornering wise, when driven right. The acceleration is brutal of course, the top speed less so (264 km/h - 164 miles per). I don't know if the brakes are bad, but you really needto break early. That said: yes, you do feel the weight of the car very much and need to really adapt your driving to it (it being fully electric also plays a role in that). All in all it's a very impressive car I think.

    19. Dodge Viper GTS '13: 07.20.606
    Puh what a drive! Incredible, incredible car this! In general I am very much surpirsed by all the Viper models. They just match my driving style perfectly I guess. It's just so easy to slide and drift this thing around corners at various speeds. It doesn't look and sound too bad either. Also, obviously it's intimidatingly fast.

    18. Ferrari Italia '09: 07.19.874
    Can slide rather much under braking from high speeds, but apart from that, it was pretty much perfect. Beautiful design, nice sound, incredible speed and nice through the corners!

    17. Ferrari F40 '88: 07.19.108

    Welp, this is certainly more my car than the F50. You can throw and throttle steer this thing rather easily around corners. It looks gorgeous, sounds great and is faaast. I love it!

    16. Nissan GT-R NISMO '17: 07.19.055
    Simply amazing this thing. The grip is unbelievable. Nice style, good sound, it's very fast and amazing through corners! Its brakes are the obvious weak-point though.


    15. MCLAREN MP4-12c '10: 07.17.122

    Not the cleanest lap of mine, but still pretty fast. Admittedly, the car can go around 2 seconds quicker. Man, what to say? It did surprise me very much. Incredibly fast in a straight line. So much so, that I had to lift or even brake at several points on the track, where I didn't have to do this with any other car until now. What surprised and impressed me the most though, is its stabililty. It's just SO stable under braking, even from speeds of 300+km/h, which is just incredible really. Wonderful machine!

    14. Ruf CTR3 '07: 07.15.695
    Ruf is finally back to GT. And with such a car (first time ever in GT)! Pooh, really not easy not handle at the limit at all. Reminds me handling wise a lot of the Aston Vulcan. Obviously it is incredibly fast in a straight line. Very, very twitchy. Gotta be really carefull with throttle, gas and steering control, or you're off immediatly!

    13. Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 '15: 07.15.609
    You have to do a lot wrong to unsettle this car. By far the easiest car to move at the limit imo. What a car! Incredible speed, crazy stability and cornering! Nice design and sound. Could have been a 7.14 or 13 max even. Phenomenal car really.

    12. McLAREN 650S Coupe '14: 07.15.563
    It's basically the MP4, but slightly improved. It is slightly more stable and faster, but also has slightly more understeer and it's not so easy to drift. All in all a phenomenal engineering feat I would say. Great to drive and crazy fast.

    11. Porsche 911 GT3 RS '16: 07.15.334
    Wow! What is this car!? It's incredibly fast and downright UNBELIEVABLY stable! The brakes are also amazing! It's just phenomenal all around...


    10. Aston Martin ONE-77 '11: 07.15.057
    I mean you can really feel its weight, especially under braking, but boy does this thing go! In a straight line, it is even slightly faster, than the 650S. Through the corners it's really faster than it should be. Great, great car actually, I'm very positively surprised!


    9. Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 '11: 07.14.105
    I'm just so impressed how far technology is with the hyper cars. This thing, with its 690hp, feels so damned planted. Amazing handling, crazy speed, good brakes, awesome design and nice sound! Also, it's very easy to drive at the limit. A bit easier, than in GT5.


    8. Ferrari Enzo Ferrari '02: 07.13.852
    Fastest lap I've done yet. Fastest straight line speed of all the cars I already tested. I just forgot how rediculously fast this thing is! Ferrari made there something truly special! And that in 2002! Yes, even in GTS it does still understeer quite some bit but other than that, it feels wonderful! In GT5 it was a constant change between massive understeer and oversteer, but here it's really planted.


    7. Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV '15: 07.12.492

    Puh, it's really not easy to extract the limit out of this car. Certainly more difficult, than with the Taycan, Enzo, and strangely enough...even the standard Aventador. Nonetheless, it's obviously incredibly fast. It does sound nice too. And the look is just sexy! I did expect a better laptime, than this, but then again, it's probably one more case, where the downforce isn't being simulated all that accurately.


    6. Ford GT '17: 07.11.036

    Well, colour me surprised. What a great car. The first few laps I wondered if it could break through the 7.20 barrier and in the end it did a 07.11.036. Faster than the One-77, Vulcan, Enzo and Aventador (SV)!. Feels pretty well planted, has great brakes, less understeer than the others and nice acceleration. From 300 km/h onwards it's a little disappointing though and it is also a little slippery at low speeds.


    5. Lamborghini Veneno '14: 07.09.616

    Very, very planted this thing. Amazing cornering, stability, speed, sound, design, and also simply a joy to drive! Amazing car really.


    4. McLaren F1 '94: 07.09.563
    What an unbelievable car this is. Built in 93 and faster than most modern supercars, actually faster, than all of them. Only hypercars can give it a run for its money. Also, its handling is just ssssuuuperb! It's just really so easy to move at the limit and to improve slightly lap by lap, it all goes so natural! Just an absolutely fantastic car!


    3. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '13: 07.04.936
    I really hoped to bring it under the 7 minute mark. Can it do it? Hm, the worldwide best drivers could theoretically do it, maybe with a lot of trickery and corner cutting. But it can certainly get very close to it at least. Well, what can I say? The speed is insane but less impressive, than I remembered it to be. Probably thanks to modern hyper cars. You can feel its 2 tonnes in general very much, but especially under braking. Other than that, I truly think this is an absolutely amazing car and it drives extremely well concidering its weight, power, and by todays standards...also its age.

    2. Pagani Huayra '13: 07.04.352

    Can the Huayra go under the magic 7 minute mark? Possibly. It can certainly do it better, than the Veyron. The downforce and grip of this thing are unbelievable! The speed is also absolutely exrtreme, around as fast in a straight line as the Veyron, if not even faster. Concidering its HP and that it is rear wheel drive, its handling seems like magic really. The sound is aggressive and the design is pure art. This is a very good representation of the blend between engineering and art. Amazing, amazing car... p.s. @Yassi99 did it: he did a 06.59.302. Thread link:

    1. Ferrari LaFerrari '13: 07.01.576

    Well, well, there it is. The holy grail of hypercars, at least in GTS. What can I say? Yes, it is unbelievably fast in a straight line. Is it difficult to move at the limit? Yes, very much so. Its sound is typicall Ferrari I guess. Its all around speed is really just so impressive. Would it have a better handling, times under the 7 minute mark would be so easy. I really, really wanted a sub 7 time, but can't be arsed enough honestly to try further. The lap I did was very, very good considerung the car. And yes, @Yassi_99 did manage a sub 7 minute time with it, a 06.58.556 to be exact. So even a little faster, than with the Huayra. All in all, yes this is an amazing piece of engineering!

    Last edited: Jul 10, 2020
  2. NevilleNobody


    Great work, love it.

    I do wish the game would re-focus on the road cars, cull the herd and classify the fast or really interesting ones into groups so we can race em. Right now they are near useless.
  3. JayRS200


    Nice. Might do it along with you. I haven't driven road cars much on GTS so will be a good change.
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  4. ImMano99


    Now that's what I like, someone not calling everyone to go and watch their youtube.
    Keep it up man!
    Das ist sehr gut!
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  5. Alex p.

    Alex p.

    Thx dude!

    Hehe thank you/danke sehr/merci beaucoup mon ami!

    You mean like testing the disclosed cars along? Honestly, that would be pretty fantastic! Your times wouldn't need to be better or world class or anything, I would just love to see your times and more so read your thoughts on the cars! I'm not excluding the possibility of you or anyone else beating my times though! Actually, it would be pretty cool to see some seriously impressive times!
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  6. XSquareStickIt


    When I saw the title of this thread, I thought you meant your top 100 favourite street cars. It might be fun to include say, maybe your top ten favourites in the list too.
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  7. Alex p.

    Alex p.

    Oops. I thought the hot lap would be indication enough. I changed the thread title accordingly. ;)
    Your idea: I might actually do a personal top 10, once all cars are revealed. :)

    I actually did something extensive with that idea in mind, but I'm not gonna disclose what it is yet. I was wondering, if I should open a thread for it (like this one, after all cars are disclosed). So, would you (or anyone else) be interested in sth. like it? :) (It's also videos).
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  8. Alex p.

    Alex p.

    Alright, the first 50 places are disclosed. On to the next top 50!
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  9. 90sEnthusiast


    United States
    This is absolutely amazing. We can finally put these cars in the bracket they actually belong in track wise. Personally I think many N200 to N500 cars are in a weird spot. This clears things up.
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  10. Alex p.

    Alex p.

    Thx Andrew. I agree, many cars in the wrong class for sure.

    I updated the OP/ disclosed all 100 cars by the way.
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  11. XSquareStickIt


    Alex private messaged me asking for my opinion on a few things, and we both agreed to continue the discussion on this thread. So here's a looooong post on a few different topics:

    My Thoughts on the Top 100 List:
    That's an insane amount of work over two years man. Right back at you with your compliments of insane production value (and having way too much time on your hands! XD)

    I haven't watched EVERY Nordschleife video of yours, but I think you did get a lot better since your earlier days of lapping the Nordschleife. I wonder if you feel the same? For example, I did the FC and FD RX-7 videos within about a month of each other. I lapped the FD faster than you, but I couldn't go near your FC time at all.
    With your improving skills, plus different game versions with different physics, I don't think your list accurately reflects each car's ability relative to each other around the 'Ring, though I think your list is as close to the best tool we will ever have in this game for assessing the ability of a road car. I personally don't like taking 'Ring lap times to assess cars, because it heavily favours high powered cars. The fact that a turd like the LaF is top dog proves that very point. Maybe you should redo all the cars around Horse Thief Mile or something :lol: (kidding!)

    I think GT Sport is broken when it comes to production cars. They all come with 1.5 Camber and 0.6 Toe-In on the rear. That's just stupid. They also all come with Sport Hard tyres, when in previous titles, we've seen that some cars come with comforts, some with Sport Softs, etc.. The fact that they squeeze 100 litres of fuel into every car is absurd, and it upsets the balance of some cars. The Honda Beat we're examining this week in Car of the Week is hit the hardest by these stupid changes, IMO. So I really don't see much point in having a list of lap times for GT Sport, because it's a game that does a huge disservice to production cars.

    That said, it takes an insane amount of work and dedication to do what you did. You have my utmost respect, man. The Zonda R made me code brown even on Racing tyres on a paved track, and you did it on SPORT HARD TYRES round the 'RING! My god :bowdown:

    My Thoughts on Alex's Top 10 Favourite Cars:
    I haven't driven anything in your top 10 extensively, aside from the NSX-R. I can certainly understand your favourtism towards 90s cars, my god what an era!

    I tried driving the 996 911 GT3 a while back. I really loved how the 993 911 Clubsport drove in the game, and I wanted to see how Porsche evolved the concept. It is, in every measure, a better car than the 993, but for some reason, I didn't feel that connection, I didn't fall in love with the 996 the same way I fell for the 993. I'm not quite sure why.

    It's interesting that the 996 is your number one favourite. I heard it was quite a divisive car among 911 fans when it first came out. I don't know much about Porsches, but I know the 996 GT3 is a very good car.


    I mean, okay, it's a really... fun, car, but it's just not for me. The 930 is spoiled for me because we had the Yellowbird in past titles, and I kinda wish we had that instead, just for laughs :lol:

    The universally loved car that is generally accepted to be the best car ever made, I know. I like and respect it, but I never really drove it much because I never had a reason to scare myself like that. How scary is it to drive? I'm very, VERY surprised it scored sigh a high place in your timing boards, given that it doesn't look like it has much downforce at all.

    Never driven one. Heard it's a very big deal, something like "the last real Lambo" or something? I might give it a try one day, but I heard it's :censored: terrifying to drive.

    Oh man don't even get me started on the NSX-R man, don't. Okay, too late. You got me started on the NSX-R :lol:

    The NA NSX ranks very, VERY highly on my dream cars list. In fact, it's second only to the FD RX-7, and I will almost, ALMOST admit that the NSX is in every measurable regard, a better car than the FD. I was so excited when we finally got a REAL NSX in GT Sport. When I first took it out for a spin in GT Sport, my mind was CLEANSED. There was no other thought in my head. My life, in that moment, was only: throttle, brakes, revs, shifts, apexes, turns, weight, rotation. Everything in the car was so attention demanding, yet cooperative, and rewarding like you would never believe. Nothing else in my life mattered at that point. It's a truly magical car, a truly magical drive. One that I could not do justice to with words alone. And the sound, the SOUND... pure bliss...

    Yes, it's very dated by today's standards, and it certainly feels it behind the wheel. It's soft. It's underpowered. It shifts slow as hell. The gears are further apart than the Sun and Pluto. Yes, it will bite your head off if you get it wrong. But I love it nonetheless. It is a legendary machine that, while isn't fast by today's standards, is as involved, engaging, and exhilarating a drive as it has ever been, and, sadly, perhaps ever will be. The body design is timeless and multi purpose. I love this thing beyond words. Oh, and it has pop up headlights!

    I seem to remember back in GT6 that the NA2 NSX-R is legitimately world beating good with only "276"HP. I really wish we had that in Sport as well. It's shocking to me that even a 1992 NSX can lap the 'Ring in under 8 minutes in your hands. That is freaking astounding.

    I gotta admit, I'm very curious as to why you prefer the R33 over the R32 and R34. The R33 seems to suffer from the "middle child" problem, being the unloved one. What does the R33 have that the R34 doesn't?

    I'm not a fan of GT-Rs in general, as you probably already know from my COTW R32 review, but I do know that it is a very smooth and easy drive, even on the most demanding of roads like the 'Ring.

    Viper GTS '02
    Hoo boy :lol: What do you want me to say about this thing that hasn't already been said? If the tyre model and brake locking was more realistic in GTS, I'd suggest you try driving it with no aids, not even ABS. Then I suspect it'd go from your top 7 favourite cars to top 7 most hated cars :scared:

    For me, this generation of Vipers will always have a special place in my heart, but I do wonder why I don't like the final generation as much as this one. Maybe it's just nostalgia for me. Or maybe you can enlighten me as to why this generation of Vipers is best?

    I wish we had ACR Vipers instead of these base model Vipers... these cars as they are, are all very flawed to me, even on the track. I wonder how much the ACR versions fix...

    Perfect car. No flaws! Still wish we had the CR instead though... *sigh*

    RC F
    Never drove this. Unlike the F1 or Diablo though, this car just never caught my attention. Even in GT3 form it's decidedly average. It sounds like a total sleeper, though. I might give it a try sometime.


    Just no.

    My Top 10 Favourite Road Cars:
    I don't feel even remotely qualified to talk about this subject, seeing as I've never driven the vast majority of the road cars in GT Sport, and quite frankly have very little reason to. What little I've driven is mostly based on my pre-existing love for the cars, so I think the personal bias is a bit... too obvious :lol: Because of this, there may very well be better cars to drive than my personal Top 10 list, but I was asked to, so here goes:

    10 - Dodge Viper GTS 2013

    Admittedly, I don't even have a good 10th car. This is mostly filler.

    I love Vipers. I think most kids who played Gran Turismo 1 would love Vipers. The base Viper I feel has a lot of flaws, in spite of it finally coming with some creature comforts, and begrudgingly included aids like TCS and ABS. I wish we had ACR versions of Vipers instead of base Vipers across all generations, but, alas, we have to work with what we have.

    For me, even though Vipers scare me a little and I could never imagine myself daily driving one due to the excessive attention, I've always respected and lusted after them. The Viper is a firm middle finger to trends, and it always felt like it was the product of a small team of very passionate people, building the car they want, instead of what the customer trends suggest. And even in spite of being the technological equivalent of beating someone with a stick, along with rumoured politics from Fiat, the Viper has always shown to be a very capable monster, claiming lap records left and right. And for as scary as it is to drive, the latest generation of Vipers will at least need you to give it a reason to bite your head off. It's not at all unreasonable. It's wild, sure, but not unreasonable.

    Vipers are the strongest, most compelling cartoon characters in the car world. And, to me, sports and supercars are cartoon characters. Vipers still have that effect on that 10 year old kid inside me even after all these years, and I love it for that. It is impossible to not respect the purity and dedication of the team behind it. It truly breaks my heart that the Viper is dead. Though at the same time, it puzzles me why anyone would want a non-ACR Viper. I mean, come on, be serious. You're never going to drive this thing except for to, from, and on a track. If you want to build the bestest, fastest, baddest, rawest, purest American FR Sports car, why would you build, and sell, anything less than an ACR?

    9 - Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE


    Need I explain more?

    What I especially love about the ZL1 is that it seems immune to politics. Vipers have been held down by Fiat for ages and never given proper support. Caymans and Boxsters are forever crippled by long gearing that could reach the moon in 3rd. A Camaro, faster than a Corvette? That's the Corvette's problem. Here, take its supercharged big block engine. Just because.

    Did I mention it sounds amazing as well? Or that it's a proper stick shift manual?

    Unlike most power focused cars, the ZL1 stands out to me simply because it felt capable of handling its power on the track. It's not just a spec sheet warrior, it's not just a status symbol. It is properly good to drive, and it's enthralling to watch how America is constantly battling their stereotype of "straight line beasts that can't corner", and winning so decisively.

    8 - Porsche 911 Carrera RS Club Sport (993)

    I'll be honest, I quite disliked Porsche as a brand before being able to sample their cars for myself in GT Sport. They had exclusivity deals with the most hated company in gaming. There are rumours that they protect the 911 from the Cayman and Boxster. The chassis codes are confusing. The trim levels and names are confusing. There are hardcore track special versions of hardcore track special versions of hardcore track special versions of it. Plus, how could a rear engine car be any good?

    While modern 911s are brilliant and all, they feel a bit... soulless to me. The 911 tries to be everything to everyone: fast, comfortable, practical, exclusive, special, expensive, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, cabrio, turbo, NA, rally, track special... it loses its sense of identity to me. It feels like it has way too much to prove, and tries way too hard to live up to everything its illustrious history holds it to.

    The 993 I think sits perfectly in the middle of unrefined, widow-making horror, and "I gotta be the very best that no one ever was". It's capable, sure, but I don't really care who or what it beats on the racetrack. It has, what, 300HP? That's not super fast. And it's okay if it isn't super fast. It's a bit soft. It requires a bit of finenessing through the corners. Yes, the rear end will swing out. But, you know what? It's okay if it's a bit soft. It's okay if the rear swings out. Just correct it and try harder next time. Your life isn't in danger. Maybe.

    It feels so... at peace, somehow.

    The first time I drove this, I was shocked. It felt like a German NSX with how raw, pure, engaging, rewarding, and even forgiving it was to drive. Of course, it's a rear engine car with very few aids. You have to treat it with respect. But treat it duly, and it will not only reciprocate, but it will give you a drive you won't ever forget.

    I don't know why, but the 996 911 just didn't feel as organic as this, despite being in every measurable aspect, a better car than this. I didn't fall for the 996 despite trying to, and I fell for the 993 despite expecting to loathe it. If someone pointed a gun at me and made me own any 911 of my choosing, this is the only one for me.

    7 - Toyota Corolla Trueno (AE86)

    It, by all accounts, is a boring, 2 door hatchback making no power.

    Yes, it is overhyped due to Initial D, and because of that anime, any Trueno that isn't Panda black/ white just looks blasphemous.

    But my god, you take this thing to a mountain road like Bathurst and it COMES ALIVE. It almost floats and flies from a corner's out-in-out line. It will playfully peek its rear out just to tease you. You can submit to your primal instincts and let it hang out. You can collect the rear end back as and when you will it to return. Everywhere else, the car is dead. But it's almost like there's an invisible switch hidden somewhere in the car that flips on the moment you're on a narrow, winding road with ups and downs. The chime that comes in at 100km/h isn't annoying, as one might expect. In fact, it's almost like a cute secretary woman meekly asking you to please slow down, but we all know why there's a cute woman there in the first place: to make you feel like a hero in your own story. The chime almost feels like affirmation, encouragement, that you're being a superhero.

    The Levin isn't on the list because if you don't want pop up headlights, you should seek help.

    6 - Toyota GT86 GRMN

    In a world where cars are getting softer, heavier, and resorting to turbos, and in a world that panders to nostalgia to a sickening degree, the GT86 is truly salvation for the masses. The GRMN is the ultimate special edition of the 86, until maybe about a week later when Toyota, like Mazda, announces yet another very special edition of their FR 2 seat sports car.

    I like my cars to be around 250 to 400HP, as that gives the cars just about enough character and attitude, while being slow enough to not be scary and for the hardware to not ruin everything. The GT86 is slightly below that range. Yet, I think it's precisely because it lacks in power that the rest of the package can be so well refined and balanced, and you get to appreciate the other aspects of driving at the limit more. Every thing is set up just... so... perfectly... the driving experience is simply surreal. It's soft enough to be forgiving, to teach you about and utilise weight transfer, yet is stiff enough to be responsive and well behaved. This is an absurdly rewarding car to string a lap with just right, and I even get a bit... animated, shall we say, when I drive this thing. It brings out a hooligan, a kid in me. It speaks to an inner child on a psychological level. It's also somehow just a clump of metal and oil.

    However, I do admit the GT86 in stock form feels very... empty. Lacking. Yes, it's meant to be tuned, like the JDM cars of the 90s. Yet, because of how well its set up like the JDM cars of the 90s, making any change to the car feels like destroying a perfect balance, a perfect harmony. I echo the sentiment of many others when I say that the GT86 could use, and handle, more power. For me personally, I want the extra power just for a bit more personality. As it is, it's too much of a blank canvas for me to really lust after it, or to see it as its own character. It's like a woman who constantly asks you, "what should I wear", "what should we eat", "what do you like", etc.. A relationship is a two way street, and while the GT86 might do everything that is traditionally expected of it, it doesn't give much else beyond that, either. The GRMN adds some very much needed spice on the girl, but ultimately, still lacking a little... something.

    5 - Honda S2000

    See above.

    4 - Honda Integra Type R (DC2)

    Yes, not only is an FF in someone's Top 10 favourite cars list, but it placed higher than the S2K?

    FFs have no place in motorsports. However, every rule has an exception, and the ITR I genuinely feel and believe is more fun to drive than anything else listed above. The S2K, brilliant and all, does suffer from a bit of softness. The ITR is properly light, taut, and has a NA engine that begs you to wring its neck, and properly rewards you not only with sweet speed, but the most glorious sound as well. Driver involvement and engagement in this lightweight, stiffly sprung car is off the charts. I don't care if it takes over 9 minutes to lap the 'Ring in this; I'm enjoying every second of it. It has just enough power to not necessitate an overly intrusive diff or torque steer. It makes you work for its power instead of just giving it to you like a disinterested adult film actress. Throttle response is instant and linear. It's constantly involving, always communicating. It's a testament that the core basics of a good car, the backbone of a good driving experience, namely: light weight, manual gearbox, and rev happy engine, never goes out of style.

    And speaking of, I do very much like its styling. Subtle, yet special enough :tup:

    How much I enjoyed this thing is impressive on its own. The fact that this enjoyment came from an FF of all things... Honda engineers are gods. :bowdown: I know many may shun FF cars, but if you truly love driving, you'll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't at least give this a try.

    3 - Subaru Impreza 22B

    I hardly feel a need to elaborate on this one. Even though it is a 22 year old granddad of a car, modern iterations of the Impreza, or WRX, just hasn't ever reattained the hype and magic that was the first ever limited edition Impreza. I love the GC and GD Impreza's styling best; everything else after just seems to get increasingly fatter and angrier. And while the cars' performance do improve as the years roll by, they almost start to feel too... perfect. Too insulated.

    The GC Imprezas have all of the same assuredness in their handling and suspension setup, but it feels more... raw, somehow. Maybe it's because I'm sitting in a smaller car, maybe there aren't as many computers to help me get it right. Maybe it's that the earlier cars are lighter. Granted, the modern cars have stronger bodies, make more power, and are safer, but whatever the case may be, the more modern the Impreza, the less they set me on fire.

    Whatever the generation, Imprezas are rally born and bred machines, and the 22B handles rallying out of the box like a kid that just walked into a toy store. It fits perfectly! The rallying prowess translates over well over to the tarmac, as well. Any and every Impreza I drive handles bumps, road imperfections, and even jumps with aplomb. You will hardly even feel the undulations as the car just sails right over them. Yet at the same time, they aren't luxury car levels of soft; they are all responsive, darty, and immediate. This balance between compliance and agility is some suspension tuning witchcraft that Subaru has been doing for decades by now, and it impresses me anew every time I drive one. Remember how Takumi in his AE86 got punked by his dad driving a 22B in Initial D? That is exactly what you'd feel like when you drive an Impreza with four seats and four wheel drive. You start to wonder why you put up with all the scares and hops and threats of spins and a bit of rain in a RWD sports car after you drive an Impreza. ANY Impreza. And that bona fide sports car rivalling performance is all in a proper 4 door, 4 seat sedan (in non 22B cases). Freaking amazing.

    2 - Honda NSX Type R

    See above.

    1 - RE Amemiya Boost Up 7

    I have to declare this in the first sentence: The Amemiya FD isn't my favourite car by merit. In fact, it is horrifying to drive, thanks to GT Sport defaulting Sport Hard tyres on it, when in previous titles, it came with Sport Softs. Even then, the turbo kick in this car is SAVAGE for this car's capabilities. Its beefed up chassis and uprated suspension can barely keep the mayhem in check, and it feels very out of its element on a racetrack. It feels more suited for mountain pass runs, IMO.

    The FD RX-7 is number one on my list because it is my one dream car. It's been my dream car ever since the day I fell in love with cars as a kid, and it has influenced me more than I'd like to publicly admit growing up. This particular FD I think is by far and away my favourite tuned FD, and I will spec mine out almost exactly like this one if given the means to.

    If asked for my top 10 PRODUCTION car list instead of top 10 road cars, just substitute this with the Spirit R FD :lol: You could give me the money to buy any five super and hypercars, and I'd take that money and buy a 2nd hand FD instead and turn it into the Boost Up 7.

    2 American cars, 1 German, 7 Japanese. Three Hondas. And this is why I didn't want to share my list :lol:
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  12. sirjim73


    Thank you for all that work @Alex p.

    I dont think many of us have the skills and/or patience to run tests like this at the Nordschleife. :nervous:

    Some interesting results. I'm not surprised the McLaren F1 rates so highly for lap times as it's a cracker to drive in GTS.

    However, the LaFerrari may be number 1 in your times, but it's still the ****tiest car to drive in GTS, I'll take the Huawei instead! :lol:

    And to @XSquareStickIt - another comprehensive, detailed and informative post :cheers:

    You both need to get out more though :sly::lol:
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  13. LeGeNd-1

    LeGeNd-1 Premium

    Great work OP :tup: I've also been taking every car round the Nordschleife over the past year. Just doing 1 car per day. Done every N, Gr.X, Gr.B and Gr.4 so far. It's just for fun though, so I didn't take note of times or anything.

    I agree with @XSquareStickIt that the exact ranking can be debatable though. On such a long and complex track as Nordschleife, it's very difficult to drive consistently all the time, and over a wide spread of cars and time (i.e. your driving will naturally improve over time). Also there's the issue of stock setups being incorrect, and SH being wayyy too grippy for most non super/hypercars. Fuel load is also a big factor and can drastically change the way a car handles. Obviously a LaFerrari is gonna be faster than a Civic, but Veyron vs Huayra there's literally nothing between them.
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  14. XSquareStickIt


    Hey look man I was having trouble sleeping before deciding to write that, alright? Besides, I don't want to hear that coming from a guy whose display picture is attaining Level 50 in this game :lol:

    But seriously, thanks for your compliment. It means a lot to me.
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  15. Alex p.

    Alex p.


    Firstly: Thank you for your kind words and the elaborate post/thoughts!

    I am very much in agreement with all that you said in regards to the inaccuracy of the lap times because of all by you mentioned factors. I do still think, that the list is at least a pretty good indication, where the cars stand against each other in the game.

    About your thoughts of my top 10 list, shamelessly copy pasting my private post, but adding a few thoughts:

    996: Didn't know it was so divisive with the fans. I only know Kaz had one/has one. :p

    930: :D

    F1: You will be astonished how well behaved it is. And the surprise factor you had with it concerning its place on my lap chart was exactly what I hoped would happen with many of the cars and the readers of my thread. A shame almost no one posted their opinions though.

    Diablo: Yeah that's right, they are the last "real" Lambos, before VW/Audi took over and made them "tame" LOL.

    NSX: I understand your preference. I really like how passionatly you talk/write about cars, especially about the NSX-R. I love the car too. The NSX lap is definatly one of my best, so that "explains" the sub 8 minutes time. :cheers:

    R33: Actually, I could not decide between it, and the R32, and R34, so you are right on point! I chose it over the other two, because it's more fun/slidey, but the other two are better cars!

    Viper: I guess you are right. Without ABS and true sim physics, I would probably hate it. :lol:

    S2000: :tup:

    RC F: Try it! Would love reading your opinion on it! It is nothing world changing, but a good car still. I chose it because it surprised me so much. A true underdog, or...sleeper in COTW terms. ;)

    MR2: LMAO! Why no?! :lol: It is difficult to drive yes, but such a fun/wild ride!

    My thoughts on your top10:

    Viper 2013: Really like your thoughts on this one. Definatly one of my favourites from GTS. It really is fun to drive. Such a blast! Oh...and I would pick this one over the ACR. The ACR to me is like a tuner car. I love cars in their purest form.

    Camara ZL1:
    God thoughts. I did like the car, but it has way too little downforce in the game.

    911 993:
    Interesting! I liked it quite a bit myself, but ultimately found it a tad too soft.

    "It, by all accounts, is a boring, 2 door hatchback making no power." Aaaaand we're done here. Jk Jk. :D I get the hype about this car, I actually like it somewhat myself, but don't enough to really want to race it (although I had a hot lap with it :p).

    "The Levin isn't on the list because if you don't want pop up headlights, you should seek help." Full agree. Oh and for the lulz:

    I just love this guy. :lol:

    GT86 GRMN:
    I get the fact people like it, it is a very easy to drive car. But man it is still so underpowered imo. Your thoughts and used metaphors on it made me laugh. :lol: I made a direct side by side comparison of its somewhat closest rival on the Nordschleife, the TT. And it can't even beat such an old TT, thus I stand by my point, it's still severely underpowered.

    You were joking about me retesting all the cars on Horse Thief Mill...guess what...well I'm not gonna do exactly that, but I couldn't help myself and started to test all major JDMs on Tsukuba. :lol: One of the side by side comparions there (the first one) will be the 86 vs. the 86GRNM. Gonna be released middle September, so look out for that. ;)

    S2000: Yes Sir. Will also be in my GT Sport x Best Motoring style side by side battles. Its rival? You'll have to find out. :D

    Intergra Type R: Oh yes what a great (looking!) FWD car! I especially liked its amazing turn in and I very much agree with you on the point, that everyone should give this one a try! My Nordschleife run with it was on the absolute limit! Oh and I've done a comparison here too:

    This one will obviously also be in my GT Sport x Best Motoring style side by side battles. Its rival? You know who. ;)

    20190425182407.jpg 20190425182331.jpg 20190425182353.jpg

    Subaru Impreza 22B: Just yesterday I tested it on Tsukuba and booooy does it differentiate itself there from the Impreza '99. On the Nordschleife, there was not really that much between them (although the Impreza '99 still has no chance there) but on Tsukuba, it's a totally different world! The 22B is just SO much better to drive. And for now it leads the board. Gonna still have to test the newest Impreza, EvoX, NSX, Supra, and all Godzillas though, so it won't lead the board for long!

    Also, I really like how it looks, like a street version of a Rally car.

    20190407125403.jpg 20190407125449.jpg 20190407125441.jpg

    Honda NSX Type R: Also: see above: :D

    20190227190052.jpg 20190227190146.jpg 20190227185826.jpg 20190227185920.jpg

    1 - RE Amemiya Boost Up 7:
    Haven't driven this one yet, as I don't like "tuner cars", but it definatly sounds intriguing!

    No prob, 'twas fun! Lmao @ "the Huawei". :lol::lol: But yes, the Huayra is a faar better car.

    "You both need to get out more though". I'm trying... :D

    Thank you! :)
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2020
  16. sirjim73


    Really looking forward to seeing your Best Motoring style face offs at Tsukuba. I'm sure @MidFieldMaven will enjoy them too. Will be interesting to see how your times compare to his at Tsukuba :D:drool:
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  17. MidFieldMaven


    United States
    I've been on a long hiatus from GTS, coming back only a handful of times over the past year. Seeing how you do at Tsukuba might challenge my pride enough to come back. Been playing GT4 lately for some reason despite GT6 being the exact same but better...
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  18. Alex p.

    Alex p.

    Today finished recording all laps. Didn't want to test too many cars, but ended up with 39...:rolleyes:
    Definatly some surprises in there. Also quite a bit of place swapping compared to the Nordschleife laps.
    I am also really excited to see how my laps compare to his. Is he some sort of Tsukuba master?

    GT4 has arguably the better car list. Would love to see your GTS Tsukuba laps. Gonna release all mine in September-October.
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  19. MidFieldMaven


    United States
    I'm not a master but I have put in a couple thousand laps. Link in signature. I haven't updated the first post in a long time so all of the cars that were released over the past year are tested in the last few pages of the thread. Can't access my account on my laptop so I have to post from phone.

    I can't wait to check out your results!
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