Toyota Supra SR-Z

Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning' started by BeastMode, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. BeastMode


    Yelooow GT Planet :)

    I'm new to the site (CHEERS :D) and was wondering if anyone is holding up a Supra SR-Z Race Tune, they would like to share? Struggling to find one, as I find it very hard to tune the beast, find that it likes to go sideways on corners, no matter what I do with the suspension..
  2. Ridox2JZGTE


    Do you mean Supra SZ-R ? I have Wangan Midnight replica, it can be used for racing, well mainly built for highway battle :p at SSR7, feel free to try it, and maybe you can use it to transform it to your needs, although it already has 500PP.