Track Maker Request(s)

Discussion in 'GT6 Course Maker Showcase' started by KitsuneAmy, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. KitsuneAmy


    Hello all, I am posting here today to request an experienced track maker to make the track "White Steps" from the "Winding Road" event in SEGA GT 2002. It's hard to find a good picture to work off of to make the track, but I found a suitable screenshot and traced the track, which I've posted below. It would be wise to watch a replay on YouTube someone has recorded of the track, since it's not just a straight line, it's a one-way circuit which goes the whole way, turns 180 degrees and goes back to the start, right beside the first road. I tried making it myself with no success since my processor speed is sub-par compared to what is needed to run the track editor stable.