Tracks from the brainless mind of die-1098

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    die996 (Banned)

    So here are my tracks!/friend/die-1098/course/

    I might end up doing some replicas of real tracks like Croft (I like that one) but so far I am focusing on finding real roads not too far from me and recreating them as well as I can. I've also made 2 fully fantasy tracks but I think one is going to be heavily modified and the other one will be deleted.

    All my tracks can be easily identifiable because the total approximate length will be expressed after the name I give them (Ripollet 450 is a fantasy street circuit based in the real streets of Ripollet and is around 4,5km long).

    I will try to keep this page up to date but I cannot promise a thing to be honest, hehehe.

    BTW, I might try to do some special tracks for kei cars... KEYWORD = might