Transfering cars from GT5 to GT6?

Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by X2011, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. X2011

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    Will we be able to transfer our cars from GT5 to GT6 when it comes out? How do I transfer my cars from gran turismo 2 to gran turismo 3? How can I transfer my Gran Turismo 5 cars on playstation2 to my Grn turismo 5 game on playstation3? I might have misspelled a few words in there.
  2. C-ZETA

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    1. No one knows.
    2. Not possible - different systems.
    3. GT5 isn't a PS2 game.
  3. Slash

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    I think he means GT4 to GT5, which is a no.
  4. Technicolors

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    It is possible. Pokemon games did a similar thing, where you would be able to carry over a certain amount of Pokemon from an early game to a later game. But it cannot be transferred over different consoles, like the PS2 to a PS3 due to incompatibilities. This is why PD never did support car transfer from GT2 to GT3, or GT4 to GT5. But it is possible from GT1 to GT2, and GT5 to GT6, or GT3 to GT4. Perhaps the software can be supported onto GT6 so PD won't have to port the cars onto the base game again.
  5. C-ZETA

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    I haven't seen it for GT1-2.

    And how the hell can you tell that GT5 has transfers to GT6?
  6. Technicolors

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    I have GT2, and on the Arcade disc it had an option to transfer cars from GT1 via memory stick. Could be wrong though.

    And that is just a prediction. It is possible, but who knows if PD will consider car transfer. PD did support it across the GT PSP, but that was because the PSP and PS3 had support to transfer data.
  7. C-ZETA

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    There is an option to 'Convert' something to do with GT1, but from what I can tell, it isn't cars.

    And also, as a response to your ninja edit, you're wrong there too. The only ever 'transfers' you could do between GT3 and 4 was a 100,000 Cr. bonus in GT4 if you had GT3 data.
  8. Technicolors

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    I'll confirm it later.

    Oh, I see. My PS2 is out cold on me, so I can't really remember. But thank you for the correction.
  9. TokoTurismo

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    And also from transfering your GT3 data to GT4. You'll also have both B licence and A licence completed, and have a head start to do B and A events. :tup: