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Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning' started by Gyro1780, Feb 24, 2014.

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    There are a few different methods to tuning transmissions on here. I found this method to be the quickest although what i gain in acceleration i lose in top speed. Excellent starts of the grid (online). Fast through the corners but get caught on the medium/long straights.
    Is this a bad way to set the transmission?

    Final Gear to the max
    Top Speed to the minimum
    1st-6th Gears between 90%-100% to the right
    Adjust Final Gear to fit the necessary track

    Thanks a lot.
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    That's the method Praiano uses correct? I've found that his method is perfect for most tracks but if you want to tune for more top speed then instead of taking the top speed slider all the way to minimum, stop about 75% (or 25% depending on how you want to view it) of the way. That way you'll have more freedom in choosing a top speed before the final gear bottoms out. So stop the top speed slider here |----X---------------| instead of at minimum. Then visually adjust your individual gear ratios. Just remember your shift points within the power band. If you're on the down slope of the power band in 6th gear then you're going to lose some top speed, so you'll need to adjust the final gear so you're within the peak power band rpm wise in 6th gear on the straights. Sorry if that is kind of confusing, but maybe someone else can explain it better. Check out the tuning guides in Motor City Tunes, FITT threads, DolHaus, etc for good insight into tuning in general.
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    Thanks for the reply. No this makes sense & i will try this out. It is similar to Praiano's method but the 1st-6th Gears is different.