[TRAVIAN] come an play ATERGATIS!64X to4096X travian 4.4 private server!

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    ATERGATIS is a complete version 4.4 private TRAVIAN server(64X to 4096X and even faster servers). It has all the features of TRAVIAN: a version 4.4 high quality map( that loads really fast), master builder, trade routes , farm list and even new features like tribe specific heros, AI for NATARS and … .
    Make your empire, army and alliance, fight alongside your allies and finally enjoy Daily rewards, Free gold and prizes!
    speed: 64X,128X,256X,1024X,2048X,4096X.
    troop speed:1/4 server speed(max 512x).
    storage cap:1/8 server speed(max 128x).
    cranny:1/8 server speed(max 128x).Medals:1 to 6 hours(depending on server speed).ww:3 to 10 days(depending on server speed).
    alliance max:60 players.
    beginner protection:1 to 6 hours(depending on server speed and elapsed time of server).