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  1. Ok so I appreciate what they might be trying to do which is to make it more fun and to not have you find all the barn finds so quickly. So maybe they made it so that as you progress the game and travel around the map you find a barn find. Maybe this was T10 and PG objective. Because when you purchase a treasure map I would usually expect to have all the treasure icons constantly shown to you on the map like all the XP and Travel discount boards are all there.

    So I could just go find each one one after the other. Instead the barn finds don't show up unless you are in the local area and only then do you get a call from Ben telling you that there is an old classic nearby, and only then are you shown the blue square diamond icon in a large circle on the map to where the barn find is.

    Also is is right that there are 11 barn finds altogether?
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    The eleventh was added on Storm Island.
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    its a metro 6R4