Trial Mountain - 2 hours on red tyres

Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by daan, Aug 23, 2004.

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    I went a wee bit mental the other night and decided to take my RX7 RZ to the 2 hour enduro at Trial Mountain. The only thing that wasn't standard was the T5 tyres.

    My plan was to go through the whole 2 hours on the same set of tyres.

    The opposition was
    R34 Skyline
    R32 Skyline
    Imprezza WRX
    Evo VII

    I started at the back and worked my way into the lead. The R34 was the fastest AI car but he had to pit too often so he soon dropped back. My main opposition would turn out to be the Supra. Once my tyres went red, all red by lap 13, the Supra was catching me. He got the gap down to 18 seconds but then he had to pit. He went until lap 16 before he pitted. That let the R34 back though into 2nd place, but he wasn't a threat due to his pit schedule.

    The Supra was slowly but surely catching me now. I was lapping in the 1'41-1'42 range and was managing to be quite consistent. On lap 27, I lapped the Evo and the R32 as they both pitted. The R32 came out just behind me and battered his way past at the hairpin at the end of the back straight to unlap himself. I retook him on lap 31 and got past the WRX on the same lap. The Supra had got the gap down to 17 seconds, but he pitted again at the end of the 31st lap. When he came out, the gap had increased back up to 32 seconds.

    At half way I had completed 36 laps. On lap 40, my oil light came on (I knew there was something I should've done before I started!) The Supra did his usual catching me between pit stops but didn't get any closer than 18 seconds before he pitted again, putting the gap back up to 36 secs. I was getting into the groove by now. I was able to get some laps in the 1'39 range (I got a best of 1'39.5xx on the red tyres. By comparison, my best before the tyres went off was 1'34.995)

    On lap 52, I lapped the Evo again. Lap 54 saw the me past the hour and a half mark and my lead at this point was 26 seconds. On lap 61, the Supra pitted again and this time he came out 43 seconds back. From this point on he didn't really gain any time on me and I was able to keep the gap over 40 seconds until the finish.

    My total time was 2:01'29.247 and I completed 72 laps. The supra finished 41 seconds behind me. The R34 was 3rd. I did lap the R34 at his final pitstop, but he got back past me before the finish. The R32 & WRX finished 1 lap down and the Evo was 2 laps down at the end.

    Overall, it was a fun race. Once the Supra pitted for the 2nd time, I was confident I would win as long as I kept it together. I managed to be consistant all the way through and never spun at all. I did hit a few walls, but that's to be expected :D
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    Yes you were just a wee bit mental on this one but it is a kinda cool idea. Very good write up Daan and a cool style of race to boot.
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    Daan, good write up.
    Reading it made me want to roughly work out if you lost or gained time.

    By my reckoning it cost you approx 150 seconds (2 1/2 min) extra to run on one set of tyres.

    If you would have pitted every 12 laps that would make for 6 pit stops totalling 120 seconds. Factor in the in and out time of approx 15 seconds per stop would add a further 90 seconds.
    The difference in your lap times between good and red tyres was about 6 seconds per lap at worst or 4 seconds per lap at best, I will use an average of 5 seconds per lap.
    72 x 5 = 360 seconds.
  4. DeuceOfClub


    I did something similar few months ago as part of my ASC in RL LINK

    I used stock Z Concept with Normal tires (T0) and didn’t even changed the oil.

    I did however pitted once after 70min but that was only to try to improve my best lap time. :sly:

    After you get used to it you can drive comfortably on worn-out tires.

    My line up was:
    Mazda RX-7 type RZ
    Supra RZ
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R34)
    Impreza WRX STI
    Lancer Evolution VII RS

    I completed 71 laps and 2nd Mazda RX-7 type RZ and 3rd Supra RZ were about 1:00min behind me (couldn’t even lap them)
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    United Kingdom
    And that only took you 2 hours? I'd have thought it'd been longer...
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    tard :lol:
  7. BlazingDragon


    Cool - I just did a similar race, but with sim tyres on a RUF RGT.
    I managed 73 laps in a totally stock (broken-in), but obviously much faster, car - I don't think I'd be able to match your times in an RX-7... :tup:
  8. thehugo008


    I made on my first save whit the RUF RGT with medium tires and i made about 78 laps...
    The Prize Car was an S2000 LM! ;)
    Now i did whit the RX-7 RS (FD3S) whit 74 laps completed but i won a different car...
    It wasn´t a F1....
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    Great story, Daan! :tup: