Trial mountain endurance

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    This is the story of my race. I am not the best of drivers, so there is a few mistakes and inconsistant lap times but that makes the race better
    The grid: I didn't qualify for the race

    1st: Nissan Skyline

    2nd: Mazda RX-7

    3rd: Mitsubishi Lancer evo 7

    4th: Subaru Impreza

    5th: Toyota Supra

    6th: Dodge Viper(me)

    The race:

    First 5 laps:

    I fight my way up to 2nd by turn 8 and the skyline is leading.
    Going into the 1st corner of the 2nd lap I overtake the skyline but he keeps the inside for the 2nd corner and overtakes me. He pulls away and by the end of the lap he has a 1.2 sec lead.

    I will continue updating when I have time. It's looking bad at the moment but come back soon and it will be full of info
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  2. Bjink


    The viper spins out very easilly And is very heavy. Trail mountain Is the absolute worst place for it
  3. drivergt5


    the viper is a high powered preformance car however thpug its fast it aint good throug the bends, but still you need to learn the car and respect it, wich means lightly on the throttel when exiting a bend, do this taktik and you'll kiss the apex just right or you will spin