Trials Rising (PS4/Xbone/PC/Switch)

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by dzumaalcapone, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. dzumaalcapone


    Releasing on the 26th. Those who pre-ordered it (like me) get it on the 24th.

    Any interest here?

    I've played all past versions and I'm pretty excited for the new one. All my friends play mostly different games but this is the one we all play. Beating your friends times and drunk couch multi :cheers:

    It's simple but yet so addictive. Good for shorter sessions too when you have time to kill.

    edit: I think this is supposed to have cross platform leaderboards too, which is a very nice addition.

    Haven't watched that much videos of it since I like to find out stuff myself but here's a video:
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  2. zargdin


    Yeah, really looking forward to this release. I hope they don't make it too difficult!

    I found the difficult stages in the previous games were not so much "challenging" as frustrating. Endless interruptions to fluidity and endless restarts.
  3. Whitestar

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    @dzumaalcapone, definitely interested in this, and will pick it up (on PC) probably sooner than later. I've also played the previous games (Trials Evolution Gold Edition and Trials Fusion).
    Simple but very addictive, totally agree. :)

    But I see a lot of complaints around the web from people saying it's too grindy. That is, to get to the higher levels you have to grind a lot. Anyone here seeing it that way?
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  4. Bush_Killa-73


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    I've not spent enough time with it but I think there may be some truth to that. In the last one it felt like you were initially playing lots of tracks early on with a really clean UI. Now everything seems less obvious looking at a map & wondering where all the tracks are. If difficulty becomes an issue trying to progress then people may become bored before persisting enough to unlock stuff. I've bought the full version as I was a big fan of the last one.
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    I hope it's not available in VR, it would make me puke with all those crazy ass jumps & heights!

    :sick: :lol:
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