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    Welcome to My Custom Course Shop! I will be posting Fictional Tracks, Recreations of Real Tracks, and Recreations of Tracks from other Games. Every Track that is considered Finished will have a Video Posted of a Lap Around the Track in a Car that the Track was designed for.

    Download Them Here!!/friend/trobes29/course/

    Bold = Completed
    , Italics = Track Layout is Complete but Scenery is Not, Underline = Track Layout and Scenery are Subject to Change

    Atlanta Motor Speedway - 1.62 miles
    Atlanta Motor Speedway.png

    Auto Club Speedway - 2 miles
    Auto Club Speedway.png

    Darlington Raceway - 1.5 miles
    Darlington Raceway.png

    Homestead-Miami Speedway - 1.58 miles
    Homestead-Miami Speedway.png

    Battlefield Pointe - 1.84 miles
    Battlefield Pointe.png

    Daniel Kyre Speedway - 1.01 miles
    Daniel Kyre Speedway.png

    Jack Links Speedbowl - 6.13 miles
    Jack Links Speedbowl.png

    New Orleans Raceway Park - 1.23 miles
    New Orleans Raceway Park.png

    Wonder Boy Mosport Park (Oval) - 3.25 miles
    Wonder Boy Mosport Park (Oval).png

    Road America - 4.07 miles
    Road America.png

    Watkins Glen - Cup Course - 2.80 miles
    Watkins Glen - Cup Course.png

    Canadian Tire Motorsports Park - 2.23 miles
    Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.png

    Circuit of Vermont - Full Course - 3.13 miles
    Circuit of Vermont - Full Course.png

    Circuito de Bendy-Bits - 6.22 miles
    Circuito de Bendy-Bits.png

    Wonder Boy Mosport Park (Road, With Chicanes) - 3.28 miles
    Wonder Boy Mosport Park (Road, With Chicanes).png

    Wonder Boy Mosport Park (Road, No Chicanes) - 3.19 miles
    Wonder Boy Mosport Park (Road, No Chicanes).png

    Circuit of Vermont - Kart - 1.71 miles
    Circuit of Vermont - Kart.png

    Kartin' Feller - 1.02 miles
    Kartin Feller.png

    Wonder Boy Mosport Park (Kart) - 1.55 miles
    Wonder Boy Mosport Park (Kart).png
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    Much like the Tuning Database, there is now a Track Database. You should definitely upload your tracks there.