Trouble with my setups online racing.

Discussion in 'GTS Tuning' started by JDM Jeff, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. JDM Jeff

    JDM Jeff

    Hi all
    Can any of you help me out, as I’m having trouble with my setups as I can’t seem to keep up with the other online races & I get left behind.
    Tried different cars etc, but just can’t keep up.
    My latest edition to my garage is the Renault Mégane gr 4, did some practice laps with it after tuning, but when racing online, it just wasn’t up to scratch.
    If any of you could give advice in what’s the best way in tuning any car for online racing, I would sincerely appreciate it. :bowdown:

    To add to this I only have a control pad :boggled:
  2. Fritsvangrail


    Hoi,, What is youre laptime on dragontrail with gr.4 ? I got 1.35.1 fastest and 1,36 average ,, and check youre hp and weight before entering the race ,,note: there always someone faster
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  3. JDM Jeff

    JDM Jeff

    TBH I got a 1:47 on DT Seaside and 1:37 at Gardens with the Gr 4 Mazda Atenza, where as the Renault Mégane Gr 4 at DTG I got 1.39 my only problem with the Renault was the front wheels was loosing grip exiting the corners both cars are on soft tyres, plus also BOP was on too (which is normally on in the lobbies I’m in).

    I don’t use any assist except just abs.

    However there was another chap in the TT Cup Gr 4 with a lap time of 1:36 (Dragontrail Garden) and he too like me uses a control pad, I tried my best to keep up with him but he was gone as I just could not keep up with him.:(