Troublesome FWD’s setups

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  1. JDM Jeff

    JDM Jeff

    Hi all
    I’m at a crossroad with setting up front wheel drive cars. :confused:
    I’ve had different opinions in saying you need more of this less of that etc. :banghead:
    Some say you need camber and yet others say you don’t need any on a FWD.
    Limited slip diff some say you need more while others say less.
    As for toe in or out ?
    Please help as I’m at a loss with tuning on GTS. :boggled:
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    Some things i do in FWD cars are, rear spring rate higher than the front, stiffer front anti-roll bar, 0.00 rear toe, i set the camper based on the statistics bars (cornering, stability, braking) & find the better balance! And for the differential i lower the brake sensitivity & initial torque! I hope that helps :) Oh & you gonna need the brakes on the rear ( +3 or +5) it helps a lot in corner entry!
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