Trying to get gold on Nords circuit experience lap attack

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7:07 is the best I've managed. I just can't seem to string a lap without one error. The exit of Karussel always seems to get me.

I golded the individual sections, so this one final silver is quite annoying to say the least.

Sorry if obvious, but the great thing about the Circuit challenge is that you can practice the bit that you suck at, so do that karussell until you can drive it blind.. i had the same problem with other parts of the track.. i lost to much time because i sucked.. i practice just those bits and made it.. :-)
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I tried it at a lower TCS value (0-2) and kept failing to achieve gold. I then switched to TCS 3 and I was able to make it in time. I also use AT, though. It'll definitely take at least a few tries. There are a lot of areas where you actually don't need to brake, despite what the red blinking indicator tells you.
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Glad this tread popped up again, as it made me realise that I hadn't got the gold on this yet. 50 minutes and much swearing later (the ring does not like me) and I finally beat it by half a second.