TT004 Renault Clio Cup @ Ruapuna Park A Circuit [PC/PS4/XB1] CRAP pCARS Event OPEN

United Kingdom
Near Reading, Uk

CRAP pCARS Club presents the fourth in a series of time trials. Leaderboard will be kept open unless track limits change or there is similar good reason. Open to ALL formats whether PC, PS4 or XB1.

Renault Clio Cup @ Ruapuna Park A Circuit


If you want to use a tuning setup for the car load that from your main garage prior to selecting time trial. This setup will then be used in the time trail mode.

Instructions (based on PS4)

-Select "Time Trial" from main menu
-Track: as above
-Class: Touring
-Car: Car as above
-Drive superfast lap(s)
-Press pause
-Take photo of paused screen - share, upload and link in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.
-Post link to pic in this thread along with the following info.
Lap-time (m:ss.nnn), GTP name, System (PS4/XB1/PC), PSN/XB1/Steam ID, Wheel or controller

5:24.502 BorisJohnston PC Boris1965 Raleigh Chopper

CRAP pCARS Club (PS4) is found below
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I can possibly say I have the fastest lap in this car at this track in the world (unless someone has done it on Xbox One). I shall bask in my glory for all of 5 minutes. PC has only had one attempt on those leaderboards.


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