Tuning Help: Gear Ratios.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by Minibeats, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Minibeats


    I've got a gigantic titan worth of BHP strapped to this car and parts fitted and I'm having a couple issues dialing in the gear ratios. Fidgeting without knowing what I'm doing helped me drop from 204MPH to 154MPH and I'm down to learn gear ratios for different situations. At the moment, I just want to learn the math behind gear ratios and how I can get the most speed out of this stupidly powerful monster.

    R32SKYLINE GT-R Vspec
    Thread.F 60in
    Thread.R 60in
    Wheelbase 102in
    Curb weight 2380lb
    Power 913BHP/6.6KRPM
    Torque 5366.8lb.ft/6.6KRPM
    Front and Rear sus Multilink
    Front Tire 256/35 18
    Rear Tire 256/35 18
    Displacement 156cubicIn
    Engine Type DOHC L6
    Aspiration Turbo

    Fitted Parts:

    Brakes=Sports, Brake Controller=Y
    ROM Tuning
    Port Polished
    Engine Balance Adjustment
    Displacement Increased
    Gear Type=Racing Support
    Intercooler=High Capacity
    Turbines=Spec 4
    Tires=Racing S/S
    Turbo=Stage 4

    Feel free to post your monsters and setups and let's get a compiled thread of ridiculously powerful cars tuned to a DRIVABLE standard!
  2. MaxxGuye


    Ive got an absolute monster of an R33 Skyline GT-R Vspec for ya.

    Racing Soft tires front and back
    Racing Brakes
    Normal brake Controller
    Racing Suspension
    Medium Stabilizers front and back
    Tuned Cpu
    Spec 4 turbo
    Full race Drive Train, muffler, and intercooler.

    Pumping out 941HP and 260MPH on the oval.
    When going around any other track its like tokyo drift in the corners.
    For the actual tuning part i didnt touch the suspension or aero, just the gearbox.
    Ratios are as follows.
    1st: 2.831
    2nd: 1.697
    3rd: 1.212
    4th: 0.919
    5th: 0.632
    Final: 3.537
    I have no idea on the actual science with gear ratios, transmissions were never my strong point in the shop. But i spent about a week fine tuning this car, and ripped through most of the game with this set up. It takes a little getting used to driving, but once you do nothing can keep up with it.