Tuning Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 '98

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    I've started playing GT1 again after 10+ years and cant seem to manage to tune this beast to work smoothly, any tips or ready made setups would be appreciated, I dont have the full setup now and I'll post it later, but I've generally been trying to make back end stiffer, trying to reduce understeer after apex and its okayish especially if I keep tapping throttle (like I'm driving an FR car), but it still feels very unstable at times, especially if I go over any apex a bit too roughly or touch a sidewall etc...

    -thank you for answers :-)

    Edit, finally got time to look up my setup -.-

    Spring: 3.7/4.2
    Height: 105/110
    Damper: 3/4
    Camber: 2.1/0
    Stabilizer: 3/4
    Brake: 15/13
    Down force: 0.12/0.21 (can't change since it's not race tuned)

    Springs seem awfully soft even maxed compared to all that power, but maybe its enough? Idk.
    I don't care much else that stability, I can handle moderate amount of understeer, but it seems too unstable at pretty much all times to drive properly...
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